Home storage in Bangalore – Tips and tricks

Before you go on to read this week’s new blog post, I would like you to keep this statement running in your head like a teleprompter.

“Keep. It. Simple. Silly.”

The idea of living simple is very difficult to fathom for a human being. We human beings are made up of wants that will not cease. Yet we must try and adopt the art of minimal living. In your daily routine, you are barraged with colours, objects and ideas that create a clutter in your mind. If you’re living the city life, the hustle and bustle of it really takes a toll on you. Also, if you ever visited the city of Bangalore, you live half of your life stuck in traffic cursing your luck.

Home storage in Bangalore

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Therefore, in order to keep a calm mind, you must adopt the minimal route. Well, what better place to do it than to begin with home storage in Bangalore. Bangalore, the evergreen IT city is known for its swanky yet spacious apartment space. But did it ever occur to you that you might not actually be using your apartment space to its full potential? Fret not! We have got you covered on that.

Take few post its and memorise these golden rules of minimalism.

  1. You have less mess to clean up.
  2. You shop less and save money.
  3. You make your life simpler.
  4. You get the space you paid for.
  5. You are at peace.


When you look at your room, a tug-of-war goes on in your head on things that need to be kept or thrown out, also the constant need to go and shop is where clutter slow accumulates within your home. Therefore, it is essential to draw out a plan. Home storage in Bangalore can be easily done, if you plan right and systematically.
Alright then! Everything in your home will have a spot; it may not be currently there, but you will find or make space for said good. Sometimes, we over buy or own three to four similar products. For e.g. you recently bought two beautiful knives but you tend to be greedy and buy the whole set including a cleaver that will most definitely won’t be used at all. In other cases, we get attached to things, because maybe it is attached to some joyous memory or gifted to us or may be it has just helped you in some way. I tell you for a fact, if it is just lying around there, you need to cut the apron strings and dump it. There is no shame in that. You are cleaning a house that occupies an entire family, so evaluate, edit, keep and then store, and always remember to MAKE A PLAN – FOLLOW IT – #MANTRA

Home Storage in Bangalore

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So now your plans are more or less set, it is time to go about ironing out and keep just what you need.


This divine place is the heartbeat of the house. You can have long conversations, gossip while cooking sumptuous meals for your family. A full tummy is a happy mind. Before you cook your dinner, it is always inviting to see a clean and organised kitchen. So begin with the Tupperware or containers, which are old and never used, strip down your cutlery and see what makes the grade. Buy a small basket and place your cups, spoons, forks, ladles all in it. Add adjustable dividers in drawers; install panels to keep your spices and other flavouring additives. Keep the plates, above the sink in a cabinet. Finally, do a regular clean-up of things inside your kitchen. Add colour maybe, it will surely bring a smile on your face.

Home storage in Bangalore

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This room speaks loudly about your personality. Open your cupboard/closet, have a gander at the overflowing clothes that just came crashing down on you. Hello, are you listening? If you step back for a minute, you will see that most of the clothes you buy will never be worn by you again. It is human nature, every day you feel different and therefore try new things. Open your suitcase under the bed and dump all the clothes that you’ve outgrown or not going to make a use of. Donate it to a charitable trust they can make good use of it. Home storage in Bangalore is of a great need currently in big cities and living simple is how the modern world is perceived. It is ideal to have a goal in mind. Say 5 tops, three jeans, a couple of shorts and three pairs of shoes. That should do it.

Home storage in Bangalore

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Okay, so we do not have those lavish bathrooms that we see in the movies, we spare a small space of the apartment to do our daily duties and have a shower. Yet, this is the most, and I stress the most important room that needs to be hospital-like sterlised place. That being said, you must organise the cabinets in the bathroom. Have a soap box, your scrubs, toothpaste and toothbrush, washed, dried and kept in an air tight space. Rotate the towels so you get the same wear and will eventually all be ready to replace the same time, keeping the set the fresh and new.

Home storage in Bangalore

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There you have it we have just touched the surface of home storage in Bangalore. You can take on the mantle and do so much more. Yes, your house will still get messy and your kids will still throw around their toys and stuff will still pile up in places. But if you’re living in a city like Bangalore home storage done the right way will take you one step closer to your ideal home.

But for more such cool ideas and home storage options, BoxMySpace is an ideal storage solution provider you must have a look at.


Student Storage: Class 101

Ah the college days where you live with the basic things in life and sharing is literally caring for all of us. When you move out of your house to study in a new state, new city or even new country, there is an instant culture shock. There are no parents helping you out, a course meal is just a notion and you will need to take 6 am cold baths to make it for your lecture. There’s more! You are pushed into small dorm rooms where you will share space with another student.

It is a fact that there’s almost no way that everything a college student wants or needs to have will fit in their tiny room. That’s why the know-how of utlising your space is essential. Check out a few tricks and tips for how to store some of your most important stuff.

Storage for you

Proximity is the name of the game. Yes, finding the right storage facility is very important. The shortest journey from your dorm to the facility is ideal. The right storage facility will also offer the storage size that you need for the right price. Please remember to do your research thoroughly; sit with your options and pick the right one before you make your decision.


(Image source: Pexels)

Pack attack

Work smarter not harder. So with that mantra remember to “pack smart.” Make sure that when you pack, you pack in a very orderly manner so you find it easy to move stuff around. Some tips include packing books i.e. (study material, stationery et al) in smaller boxes; your heavy clothes (like jackets, blankets and bedspreads will go into another set of boxes; you could also double up fragile items wrap in clothes) to prevent chips.


(Image source: Pixabay)

Rotation wise

Do not take rented space for granted or rather do not be abusive to empty space. Adopt a rotation policy when storing goods. Let us expand on that point. Store wisely. Because you know you’ve space for fill all your excess goods, you’ll be amazed how quickly a storage space will fill up. Remember to pack your boxes along the wall, creating a path for you to safely and freely move about. You can get in and get out in no time.


Before you choose your storage facility, it is best if you can do a quick tour of the facility. This step is very important. You are placing your precious goods into someone else’s hands. You have the right to check the security options at the facility. Make sure you pick a facility that protects your belongings.


(Image source: Pexels)

Label loving

Go label crazy with every box packed by you. This will help you and the storage facility workers to help you quickly remove the boxes and save on time. That’s why we recommend that you label everything. Use a permanent marker and make use of old printed sheets of your study material. Write down all the things you have placed in that.

ed-moving-boxes_480-large1 - manvanmove

(Image source: Google.com)

So whether you’re heading into your first year at college, or if you’re into the later stages of college, you will need space. Remember, when you leave college at the end of the year, your storage facility can be used to preserve your belongings as you head out for summer break)

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Are you the colour coordinated type?

Colour coordination is one of the coolest ways to get your things organised and have fun at the same time. Colour has an association with us human beings. You could have a favourite colour that translates into your clothes, stationary, shoes, bags and so on. By applying this principle to your daily work processes, you can work faster and reduce stress.

Did you know most organisation gurus claim that using color is the most effective way of learning prioritisation and organisation? So to enhance your workspace or home space, use the colour coordination technique and watch it organise itself in ways you could have never imagined.

Take note.

However smart and bright you’re as a person, information comes in at a speed of light and it is very difficult to remember and process it. But now with colour, everything has fallen into line. Using colour to when jotting down important notes, for e.g. red means urgency, blue means that task can be pushed a little further.


(Image source: Pixabay)

File in, file out.

Adding a color strategy to a filing system is an enhancement that saves time in both retrieving and filing information. This can be especially helpful when dealing with large file categories such as clients, vendors or product lines. With the help of the colour, you compartmentalise your shelves or drawers which helps you navigate easily and saves you a lot on time.


(Image source: Pexels)

Coloured closet.

Organising your closet by colour not only creates a look of organisation in your closet but it can also help you to identify where you have items in the most colour and the least colour. When it comes to colors, you have to decide individually what works best for you based on the season, how you wear them and how accessible you need them.


(Image source: Pexels)

Office, office.

Adding even a little color to your office is sure to improve not only function at work but is likely to improve your confidence. You feel better when you can quickly locate what you need and can spend your time on tasks instead of looking for things.


(Image source: Pexels)

The library.

Very often we organise our novels and comic books based on the genre or the times we have read it. But what if we re-organised it based on colour. Organising books by colour gives a unique look to any space. When you, group your books by shades and hues , that space now becomes your style.


(Image source: Pixabay)

The medication colourisation.

Mixing up medications is a big worry, especially with several family members sharing a medicine cabinet or if anyone in the household has bad eyesight. To keep pills separated by type or family member, try sticking a product with colour. For e.g. your dad’s red, mom likes green. So place your parents medicine in the cabinet under the specific colour and they wouldn’t miss a pill.


(Image source: Pixabay)

There is a dearth of ways you can colour coordinate your house or office space that will help you organised and never miss a deadline. We have just covered a few. Can you think of other things that need colour coordination, maybe vegetables, or photographs in frames?

We are all ears. Tell us in the comment section below.

Bubble-wrap: Poppin’ advantages.

The word “bubble-wrap” brings out the inner child in us and we can spend hours without caring about the world around us. Even when we order goods off the e-commerce websites, we will spend more time popping those air bubbles.

But today this blog post, we shall cover the advantages of using the bubble wrap in our daily lives. Bubble-wrap is one of the most versatile packing materials and most advantageous especially for shipping and storing of fragile goods and glassware.

Well, here are the other advantages of using bubble-wrap. They are:

  • Travel.

When you are travelling on long distances or for work, wrap all your valuables with a layer of bubble-wrap. For e.g. all your gadgets and gizmos, add a layer of bubble-wrap on your screen to avoid any scratches or dust to collect. This way, with the luggage being roughhoused in transit, your valuables stay protected.

luggage full and ready to travel

(Image source: TravelSuperMarket)

  • Knock, knock.

A study stated that on an average a person opens the door at least 35 times a day. Now multiple that with the average of a family of four; 140 times the door keeps swinging open and the knob hits the wall, causing a mark on the wall. Here is an idea, you can either wrap a small piece of bubble-wrap on the door knob or you can place a piece of bubble wrap the foot of the door. That easy!

DPC+Door+knob - squarespace

(Image source: Squarespace)

  • Décor.

If you do not want to waste paper while wrapping goods you can always make use of bubble-wrap to keep your festival decorations and ornaments safe. Trust us, they will not lose their shine, shape or colour.

336f1df6e197d0441b443ee93d26f0db - pinimg

(Image source: Pinimg)

  • Apparel.

You can use the bubble-wrap for your hand-bags. Yes, handbags. Listen for a second. Many a times, after using your handbag for a year, it loses its shape, tightness and almost on the verge of being dumped away. Well now you can save the handbag by simply placing a piece of bubble-wrap in an empty bag.

laplam-bubble-bag-3 - ecouterre

(Image source: Ecouterre)

  • Insulation.

It is always too hot or too cold for your liking. To counter this problem, place a sheet of bubble-wrap and tape on your window pane. What this does is the sheet acts as a thermal cover and absorbs the heat/cold and regulates the temperature inside the room. It also acts like a net to stop the pesky bugs and mosquitoes from entering your house.

window bubble - green building advisor

(Image source: Green Building Advisor)

  • Security.

A clever tactic to drive away intruders is to hide the bubble wrap under your doormats. It will act as a primitive alarm system where you don’t spend a penny, while you could catch a burglar red handed.

The-Neighbors-Have-Better-Stuff-Doormat - hicomsumption

(Image source: Hiconsumption)

  • Plants.

Wrap up your plant pots that are exposed to sun during the cooler season of the year.  All you need to do is wrap it a little higher of the rim of the container so as to keep the soil always moist and warm and help the plant not lose its important nutrients.

tips winter prep 005 - The Magic Garden

(Image source: The Magic Garden)

  • Stress reliever.

Whenever you feel stressed out, take the bubble wrap and go popping. You would immediately feel better. It can also keep your kids busy, while you complete all your errands at home.

stress-relief-alt - grapevine

(Image source: Grapevine)

So before you try to burst the bubble, think about how a piece of air bubble can be so useful to you in ways you never ever thought of. Got your own clever uses for bubble wrap? Share with us!

Book it, store it.

Right from a being a toddler, we have had our parents reading stories to us. As we grow older, we switch to the larger novels. But at any moment, for a book lover we tend to purge our books, seal them in boxes and store them away to either make space or keep them for the next generation.

So we have got you some clever tips and tricks to overcome the challenges faced when storing books, with great ease.

  1. Stack ‘em up.

Your valuable story books and novels stored either flat or stored upright so you can read the spine correctly. PLEASE do not store books with the binding or spine pointing upward direction, it will ruin the binding; loosen the pages and perish quickly.


(Source: Pexels.com)

  1. Building bookshelves.

Make use of a spare wall by building small square compartments and place your books, so that they are easily accessible to all. It acts like a small library within your room and you create a cozy corner to get lost in fiction and let your imagination run wild.


(Source: Pexels.com)

  1. On the desktop.

Another great way of organising your books is by placing it at your work desk. So the next time you need to look up something, all your important books can be accessible within an arm’s reach.


(Source: Pexels.com)

  1. Floor to ceiling.

For a voracious, can’t-let-go kind of reader, this is your best bet at book storage. This is like your shrine within a house or room. Make use of the floor-to-ceiling shelves system to provide storage for books and display space for collections. Also just remember, that your beloved treasure trove needs a bit of protection from the sunlight, so when you’re not reading, shut the blinds so the pages remain safe from turning brown.


(Source: Pexels.com)

  1. Hide and seek.

Yes, just like the game, you can store your books using a wall and a building a foldable table-top. This idea can be integrated within your kids’ room, which is an absolute game changer in terms of space. Also, it acts as a place where the kids can do their homework, and an educational/knowledge zone.


(Source: Dwell.com)

  1. Window display.

Books not only expand your knowledge but also, give you a fresh perspective. Why not practice what you read? By building small shelves near your window, you add an aesthetic layer to the room. Go ahead and try it out, you might soon start running a home library. Keep the tea and biscuits ready.

Alternatively, a storage facility too is a great place to store your precious authors.

It is important to properly prepare and pack the books so they stay in good condition. Below are some tips:

  • Pack books in small or medium size boxes
  • For rare or limited edition books you will want to take special care, wrap them up in bubble wrap, or non-acidic archival paper to protect the surface from dirt and other natural elements.
  • Avoid wrapping books in aluminum foil or plastic bags.
  • Do not stuff your books, you can wreck their spines and damage it.
  • Label the boxes noting the content.

Books are great to have, to enjoy and to read. If you’re still looking to store them away safely, there is always a need for a good book storage solution.

There’s A Baby On Board

Living space these days is getting smaller and smaller by the day. Real estate agents will always egg you to go for a BIGGER and more SPACIOUS house when the stork is just around the corner. But contrary to the hullabaloo there are many ways to fit your toddler into a small space. It just takes some advance planning and innovation.

  1. Add flavour or a personality.

A couple of stuffed toys, designer pillows, and a splash of bright yet warm colours on the wall is a good start to creating a persona of the room. But better yet, you should hang a mobile (carousel) up on the ceiling.

Hanging mobile - childhood101
(Image source: Childhood101)

Small crib.

The first rule of designing a room is to cover the basic need for the person and their space. There are a number of cute, small and an easy to install cribs on the market. Sometimes parents attach the cribs to their beds too. It is another great example of space utilisation.

Stokke-Sleepi-Twin-Gray-Nursery - projectnursery
(Image source: ProjectNursery)

  1. Lay down a rug.

Babies need a lot of hours of rest when they are growing up (Also you are dying to get some alone time for yourself as a parent). Placing a rug in your baby’s room not only adds to the aesthetic value but absorbs sound in the room making it safe to tiptoe around while the baby catches its 40 winks.

Kids rug - furnicers
(Image source: Furnicers)

  1. Diaper storage.

Use a small corner of the room and set up a compartment for your baby’s diapers and towels at a height enough for you to reach and out of danger from your kid.

Diaper Storage - flickrdotcom
(Image source: Flickr.com)

  1. Cushioning is a must.

Babies are inquisitive beings and full of energy. A top priority when planning the room for your toddler is to keep away from sharp edges by adding enough cushions. Cover electrical outlets, and store dangerous or breakable objects out of reach. Fix, lock up, or discard anything that might be a danger to babies.

Cushions - aliimg
(Image source: Aliimg)

  1. Functional decorations.

String a cotton rope between the plastic hooks to create a place where you can hang up the clothes on little hangers. The market has plenty of funky fabrics available.

Functional - pinterest
(Image source: Pinterest)

  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

A small mirror facing a window can bounce light around the room and make the space feel bigger and lighter. It also acts like an interactive play toy for your baby.

Mirrors - Lullabycasa
(Image source: Lullabycasa)

  1. Basket storage.

Baskets are a new parent’s best friend. They are pretty, portable, don’t have sharp edges and, best of all, easy to just toss things into. You can place all those toy blocks, stuffed toys and other tit-bits safely.

Stuffed toys - paperblog
(Image source: Paperblog)

  1. Cover a chair with fabric.

Babies love to snuggle in a place that looks inviting and comfortable. Re-cover a comfy yet basic chair in a colourful fabric you adore.

Fabric Chair - lullabycasa
(Image source: Lullabycasa)

  1. Creative wall decals.

Decorate your baby’s room with some wall art. These decals can be later boxed when your baby grows up, while you turn the room into a “big-kid” room. They’re especially great for defining space in a shared room.

Wall decal - alicdn
(Image source: Alicdn)

Finally when your blueprint becomes a reality, store away everything else safely in boxes and create more space for something new to be added.


Think about the word ‘space’ and our perception varies from person to person. As humans we desire for space. It shapes our personality and makes us unique. Not to forget the fact that we live in a country that is infused with a diverse culture and therefore it is inevitable that each cultural value will eventually shape our beliefs.

The world views space and structure mainly through visual elements. Therefore a brick, tree, door, window, and carpet are only a few visual elements that combine and allow us to experience space.

mumbai-four-seasons-hotel4 - iliketowastemytime(Image courtesy: iliketowastemytime.com)

Remember space is all about perspective. So, depending on our position in society, we inhabit space differently. Every minute of our lives we are in physical dialogue with the space. The spaces we occupy directly influence our psychological well-being and creative output.

To elaborate more on this concept of space, we take a few examples to understand what space means to us.

At public bathrooms in restaurants/pubs/motels, our minds immediately switch to a defensive one where our prime notion of cleanliness and privacy is at an all time high. It is a ‘necessity’.  On the flip side, think about your home; it is one place where your defenses are off, and you’re more relaxed. It is where your true identity is shaped.

We also see the importance of a simple queue. Instead of hoarding the counter, a queue restores sense of order in society by eliminating the class barrier. Similarly, a hotel room’s main goal is to make you feel as if you’re the first person to live in it. In offices, you’re surrounded by white walls in square boxes. Your soft-board therefore when filled with personal memories such as a photograph or your kid’s drawings, will create a sense of being close to your loved ones at all times, thus increasing productivity.

ocean beach sea shore tropical palm trees 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_49 - wall321(Image courtesy: wall321)

In terms of colour and the way space is used, the human mind reacts differently to situations. Say, you give a man a puzzle in a tight room, where the ceilings are low. He will complete the puzzle quickly, as there is a sense of “restriction”. Similarly you feel more relaxed with the colour blue as it signifies open skies, vast oceans, and beaches, because airy like spaces help us feel free.

And finally, there is an ‘escape’ space, where for a few minutes or hours, one would wish to get out of the hands from ‘family, colleagues and bosses’. It could be anything; a game on your phone, a walk in your area or simply get lost in your thoughts.

Man with coffee videezy(Image courtesy: Videezy)

Therefore, to put it in simple terms, the psychology of space is the perfect interplay between the man and space.

We would love to hear your “out of the box” thoughts on space.