Clever tips for better office productivity in Pune

We are materialistic beings. We keep wanting things to better our lives. I mean who wouldn’t want an automatic coffee maker that brews a fresh pot every two hours, or an office storage service that organizes itself? There are innumerable products out there, which ease our concern for clutter. But in fact, these are major roadblocks, and affect our productivity. It is the harsh truth. You need to get straight to dumping the mess out.

So with a little bit of help, your home office can be just as organized, tidy and easy to navigate just like your home. So strap on your helmet and get ready to ride this roller-coaster.

Office Storage services in Pune

The must haves

When designing your office, space is your biggest enemy. Everything and anything eats up space greedily. Therefore, what you must do is make a list of the essentials for your office to be functional. One will need filing cabinets, shelves, adequate lighting, and a work table to keep the laptop, a notepad and a pen to be able to spread out project work and comfortable seating for the employees. Think minimal, think productive.

Storage is the key

Like we covered earlier, one must straighten up the office in terms of storage. Sometimes the office is not welcoming when you find things just being thrown out in disarray. The key to making things easier is to delegate space for your things. With the help of an office storage service, you save a lot of time and effort. You become more efficient and have things available on the go. Follow a system that works for you, otherwise there will be a lot of clutter and that will lead to depression and increase levels in stress. Follow the old adage – a place for everything and everything in its place.

Office storage services in Pune

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Reward for cleanest desk

The desk – where the magic will happen needs to be inviting. Here you have your laptop, your scribble pad and a pen. You keep your current projects and bills that need to be paid. So in fact, it is a high traffic area 24/7. Therefore you need to have this place in tip-top shape otherwise it will hamper your productivity. Have a checklist of your daily activities. At the end of each night, before wrapping, up see what needs to be done for the next day and store your clutter away from the work desk.

The need for office supplies

Stationary adds vibrancy in a dull office. Nowadays you get tons of cool stationary items online. Pick a few of them and bring them to your office. Always have a backup of things when you run out of stationary. Invest in smaller drawers, baskets, pencil holders etc. Don’t let a cool idea slip away from your head. In fact carry a pen in every pocket you have on you.

Office Storage Services In Pune

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Go current

Adopting the minimal approach does work wonders. A simple rule you should follow: If it’s not current, store it somewhere else. Out of sight is out of mind. It doesn’t take much of your time, all you need to do is keep it simple.

Feel light

How can you forget having the right lighting in the room? That would be an absolute sacrilege. Installing the correct light setting in your room makes it look comfortable. Add a yellow desk lamp, so you don’t need to squint when reading an important document. A recent study shows that adding small lamps (3-4), you let your mind relax and makes you happy and content. Try it! Light up your office. See and feel the change.


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This is only a small change at the surface. There are so many other ways where one can breathe fresh air in your office. Add a funky looking clock, maybe install new curtains, and add a few paintings, signage on the walls. We would love to hear your office décor thoughts too. No idea is a bad idea.

Finally, for all your inquiries of BoxMySpace call 8767252252 and we will be happy to help out.

Until then Happy Boxing!



Are you relocating for work?

Changing jobs is a huge challenge and so does moving cities. If you are unorganized, then you are surely in a pickle. So here is a list of the essentials or must-dos when relocating for work. We are surely it will ease your burden. Here’s how:

  1. Know your new environment.

Have you done your homework on the new city? Is it better than your current place? Are thing easily accessible? The questions are endless. Yes, wherever you move to, this will be your new home. Get the right information about eateries, your cost of living, and is the new place a family friendly neighbourhood and so on. If you know people who have shifted to this city, get a low down from them too.

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2. Networking.

We understand that change is never welcomed with open arms. It is very important to network before you relocate. But a friend living in the city can always ease the process. He could introduce you to a couple his/her buddies, talk to you about the famous hangouts and recreational activities and so on. A warm welcome is always a PLUS point.

3. Negotiate relocation benefits.

Once your company decides to relocate you to another city, they deem you as a valuable asset (trust us). But it is you who is moving and therefore try and negotiate the best package possible. It is very IMPORTANT to get all agreements in writing before making the leap.
A few reimbursements to ask are:

  1. Temporary housing costs. This one is not a given, so be sure to ask.
  2. A relocation or adjustment bonus. This should include open/closing or transferring your account/money as well as Insurance. Candidates with senior positions have more leverage.
  3. Assistance in selling your current house, should you own one.
  4. Assistance in buying a house or finding a place to rent (in the new city).

    4.Shift forward.

You then need to decide a moving/shifting date to store away all your goods safely. It might seem convenient to move in to your storage space on the weekend when you don’t have work and when you’re relativity free.

5. Finding a storage facility.

Planning self-storage for moving is a matter of finding the right unit size as well as the right storage service. You can find the best storage service right here.
Depending on your requirement you can find storage units, capable of holding the contents of your house, which include furniture, boxes, and any appliances you may be moving.
Secondly, if you’re going to be moving to a hot and humid climate during summer, find a storage facility that offers climate control. You do not want your goods to get warped or damaged due to the forces of Mother Nature.
And lastly, find a storage facility with excellent security features so you’ll know your things are safe while in storage.

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6. Breathe in, breathe out.

Take a long and deep breathe, things could have been worse. Realise that things will not go as planned but with a positive attitude you can embrace all the hurdles with a smile on the face.

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Happy boxing!