Simple Home Office Storage Ideas – Pune

These days everyone is running their business from the comfort of their home in Pune. All they need is a laptop, a smartphone and they are good to go. Study says that it is vital to bring colour, vibrancy and organisation into your play zone to boost productivity. Remember, there is always place for storage in and around you. It just takes the right imagination to make use of it. You juggle multiple clients while concentrating on strategy; then why not organise your office? Read on for some of our favourite home office storage ideas.

The First

We have covered this point in our previous posts. One most adopt the modern and minimalist approach. Your home office should include a simple desk with drawers. These drawers are storage savers. You can even label them from the outside and have everything within arms’ length.

Home storage in Pune

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The Second

Your desk speaks volumes about the work you’re doing. Certain people require smaller tables while others require a secondary help. Secondly, the size of your office in Pune is also vital for your office desk space. Décor comes in secondary. It is just fluff around the core ingredient. Regardless of what style of desk you select, it’s important to consider how much storage space it offers you. As we said before, by simply adding drawers and desk top organizers such as stationary holders, file organisers you can help maximize the amount of storage space in and on your desk.

Home Office Storage in Pune

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The Third

As we move away from the desk and the various contents it consists of, sometimes you see piles of files and folders just lying in and around the desk. Visit any of your Fortune 500 firms or Government office in Pune, you will see big, rusty steel cabinets being overload with paper work. While they serve us with the right functionality, they’re not the attractive, full stop. These days there are plenty of wrapping paper or designer cum storage office furniture. You can definitely enhance the beauty of your office as well as provide storage space for your files. Pick a corner to place this new swanky cabinet in an otherwise wasted space of your office.

Office Storage in Pune

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The Fourth

If you are an active follower of our blog, we recently covered different methods in creating a functional library at home. Shelving is a method adopted by many millennial startups these days. What do we mean by that? Well, simply add flat wooden slabs on the wall at an equal distance and place your books, important files and more. Also you can have your small baskets to store your other items Keeping small things in a container of some type will prevent them from looking like clutter on the shelf.

Office storage in Pune

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The Fifth

Crates, yes you do get them in the open market are a great way to store your office goods. A couple of these crates filled with colorful file folders can actually become an artistic part of your office design. You might even want to select colored crates to enliven your office decor. *rubs palms*

The Sixth

A bench seat with storage can be an attractive addition to a home office in Pune. You can place your bags inside them. Add a sofa cum bed in your office space. The lower part can be used for storage of pillows, bed sheets (for those long nights etc.) You deserve to have a restful place to take a break from work from time to time.

Office Storage in Pune

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To keep your home office organized and attractive, you’ll probably need to incorporate a variety of storage ideas into the design. Look up various websites/ forums and such to get those creative juices flowing.

If you are really looking for the right answer, then have a look at BoxMySpace. We would love to help you out. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding storage after that.

Until then Happy Boxing!


Records Management in Bangalore – yes or no?

“Records management is knowing what you have, where you have it and how long you have to keep it.”

People sometime do not understand what records management is all about – they want their organization needs to be met without any hassle. To make things simpler we have this guide which pretty much should clear your misunderstandings.

Bangalore tops the list when it comes to setting up a business. These Fortune 500 companies have plenty of physical copies of documents. These documents eat up office space and hamper work productivity. The solution to this problem is to instill a record management system in Bangalore.

record management in Bangalore

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Records management in Bangalore is a service specifically designed for storing and managing documents, usually in cardboard boxes. There are a number of firms that provide this service. One of which is BoxMySpace. They have a secure warehouse and a strong racking system so boxes can be stacked efficiently. They barcode every box so you can track it on a central database. This allows clients to get items from storage all within a few clicks. The client just needs to pick the time and date for delivery.

Here is a look at the pros and cons of Records Management

The Security

When choosing a firm that deals in record management in Bangalore. One needs to do the basic hygiene checks. So what does one look for? The facility should have a 24/7 security staff and CCTV system. The second point is because one is storing important documents, climate control is primary, so that the documents do not get damaged with time. Because one is not allowed inside the room, a viewing room for your boxes or documents is essential.

The Cost

It all comes down to this. The ONE and ONLY query. How big a whole will it burn into the pocket? Space is premium in a country like India. Therefore, pricing will be steep for sure.  However, it is cheaper to use the services of records management for document storage. Certain firms give you a price by the space you use or the number of boxes used or a combination of both. It is best to always take a little more space because you never know when storage space could increase or decrease. The firms are normally flexible in that sense.

Record management in Bangalore

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The Environment

When storing documents, the loss of physical document damage or decay is a potential problem. Therefore, to ensure they last, paper documents should ideally be stored in cooler temperatures, without much humidity, and a proper ventilation system in place. One should also check the protection of documents against natural calamities i.e. floods, fire or any other. Finally one needs to check if the facility has a raised platform. This will help the documents from getting wet/moist and reducing the risk of damage.

The Convenience

Records management in Bangalore is therefore designed to be a simple and convenient solution. Gone are the days when you were hassled of retrieving documents and files. Pick up the phone or go online and get the boxes delivered at the doorstep. At BoxMySpace, we deliver the documents at the designated time so you do not miss that meeting.

We hope that most of your questions have been answered. Record management irons out the creases that organisations suffer from over the years.

Records management in Bangalore

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For more answers don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Just contact us today.

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The Need For Warehousing In Bangalore

Bengaluru, originally known as Bangalore, is the capital of Karnataka and is the third largest city in India and the fifth largest metropolitan city, popularly renamed as Silicon Valley of India. It is the technical and the major Information Technology nucleus of the country. It is the largest and the fastest growing market. Reading these wonderful stats, there will a boom in their population and subsequently leads to space cramp.

With that being said when it comes to warehousing in Bangalore BoxMySpace and the team is fully committed to make your living and business run as smooth as possible, by increasing your efficiency three folds. We at BoxMySpace help connect you to your customers at a very high level by proving you with the resources that you need and when you need it. We have a proven network for effective supply chain management, specialized packing and distribution services and project management.

Warehouse in bangalore

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We are currently present in three large cities including Bangalore. Warehousing in Bangalore is a big need at the moment and therefore we have large spaces including a 5000 sq. ft of space in Bengaluru, about 10,000 sq. ft. in Mumbai and about 3000 sq. ft. in Pune. We can deliver total logistics warehouse management services for any project, any size, wherever your business takes you. We love a big challenge.

At times, one might have antique pieces that need to be stored to preserve their richness. We are experts in that area. It is the commitment that we bring to the table, which is why clients have gained trust with their tight time frames and unique business goals.

So be it:

Electronics shipping: That may include lab equipment, X-ray or Simulator equipment.

Fine Art: All of your Monet, Rembrandt, M.F. Hussain’s paintings, vases or other such expensive collectibles. We bubble wrap, pack and seal them so they remain fresh and new.

Bigger items: Large furnishings, raw materials, sun mica, plywood and other carpentry materials are placed and distributed with our logistics system.

Warehousing in Bangalore and Distribution Services

When you need optimised solutions for transportation, storage, and just-in-time delivery, we are the answer. We provide you a flexible storage service that works for you.

As we stated before, we provide you with a gamut of solutions with regard to warehousing in Bangalore. With the already existing resources, we bring added depth for logistics warehouse management, third-party network of warehouses, transportation providers, and installation professionals. We bring a turnkey service for furniture, fixtures and equipment-even in the most complex logistics scenarios.

Warehouse in Bangalore

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Choose BoxMySpace

Find out how BoxMySpace can help you with your warehousing needs in Bangalore and put us to the test, because it is always exciting to cater to your every whim and fancy in the storage and transportation logistics management. Contact us we are waiting.

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File storage in Bangalore

Having a copy of vital files is always a good option. In big MNCs, there are lots of documents, records of every individual and so on, especially in an IT hub like Bangalore. Therefore it is imperative to store documents. But there comes a point in time where the papers eat up on your floor and storage space. At such times, file storage system comes in handy.

Storing your documents at a secured location is helpful for your own business premises, and in addition to this, you get more space in your office/work place. So let’s us get you started as to why having file storage system is vital asset for your organisation. It reduces risk, makes finding information less time-consuming, and also saves money.

File storage in Bangalore

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The file storage system not only keeps your office space to an optimum but ensures your staff will work at their maximum. Get done with the headache of constant file retrieval from stacked boxes. Now files won’t get lost or misplaced and won’t deteriorate through handling. Storing your files someplace else, keeps them in a pristine condition. It really is the smart way to go.

Therefore, it is the best practice to do a clean-up of your files and store them at a secured facility at every quarter. With that in mind, corporate and organisations should set up a file storage process.

File storage in Bangalore

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There are many companies in Bangalore that are involved in file storage where they securely store your files/documents in their secured facility. These days a lot of start-ups are offering innovative ways to storing your files. The truth is that it can get a bit steep on the financial front, but will give you the space you are looking for desperately. In India, storage service facilities help you with e.g. dissembling, packing, transporting and then storing it in their storage facility, so that your goods remain in sound and usable condition. Similar storage experts offer you a storage system by keep your records secured until you need it or till destruction whichever comes first.

We as humans are not machines and hence we do drift away from our main work from time to time. Spending thirty minutes every now and then during the day, one can easily establish a file management system. Right from the comfort of your office, get a free survey is conducted to get a better understanding of how much space is needed. If you require any of your goods back, you get your delivery in 48 hours right back at your doorstep.

File storage in Bangalore

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You always know where your documents are, and can access them instantly. It is a far better alternative to your filing cabinet.

Until then happy boxing!

Document Storage in Bangalore.

We know that the office records are a vital part of your company. Paper and other documents are still a big part of every business. We are still in the transition period of paperless business. Some companies continue to produce paper documents such as the government offices who need to store their securely. All of this leads to taking up space in the office, especially in an IT city like Bangalore, document storage is of great need, and there’s where we come in.

Our job at BoxMySpace is to bridge the gap and cooperate with you – in securing and maintaining vital business materials and to make them accessible when your operations need them.

Document Storage in Bangalore

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The first step is to eliminate the overflowing filing cabinets and get them in order. There are various ways in which you can store your documents. There is the age-old filing system, or the stacking in the box, but we reduce your costs of document storage in Bangalore by utilising our unique tiered storage model in a climate controlled room that preserves your documents for a very long time. Have control over your documents by going the digital route and save space like nothing before in your office.

Document Storage in Bangalore

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To keep your documents that little more secure, many companies as well scan each document so that a digital copy is formed. This process saves time and money by eliminating the cost and headache of retrieving paper documents, and relying upon digital delivery, you will build your digital document library but you will only be scanning the documents you need.

BoxMySpace is present in three cities Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune and provide document storage of the highest quality. We deliver a unique and smart alternative of document storage than any competition in the market. We will help you get rid of whatever you can, form a proper program of filing or documentation, thereby cutting down your costs. This in result helps you reduce your dependence on paper so that you can improve your overall records program efficiency. Nevertheless an office with less paper provides a lot more, hence now is the ripe time to return to what “paperless” denotes to your business. No more struggling to add space for your old documents and files or trying to find misplaced files.

Document Storage in Bangalore

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Make the right choice when it comes to document storage. We want to help you; let us be partners and grow rather than be mere victims of the space crunch.

We hope you join us in changing the world on how to manage document storage.

Importance Of E-commerce Fulfillment Centres.

Today we live in an e-commerce world that is highly where the customer is the boss. Whatever your business maybe, a customer’s satisfaction is critical. But the gap is always growing and a number of misconceptions or lack of satisfaction arises. The main reason is poor fulfillment infrastructure.

Electronic commerce not only revolutionised the way goods are sold, but how they are delivered. The growth in e-commerce has transformed warehouse and distribution centers to mega e-commerce fulfillment centers. There is a big shift in how the retail and logistics industries operate.


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E-Commerce Fulfillment is the process of receiving orders online and getting them packed, & shipped to the end customers in a smooth manner. Other types of fulfillment include various B2B fulfillment services, which focus on shipping orders to businesses rather than consumers.

One must also make a note that management, packaging, accurate fulfillment, inventory forecasting—it all counts to build your brand. Therefore a sound strategy with all of the above points will guarantee you a boost in your sales.

Now moving on to the next point is the essentials of setting up a strong e-commerce fulfillment centre. Performance capabilities to consider when searching for a trusted order fulfillment center in Mumbai should include:

Inventory Management – The careful planning and management of product inventory across all channels helps to ensure real-time inventory visibility.

Complete Order Management – Use only the latest and most innovative technology and multi-channel interfaces to get a complete view of orders placed and product demand.

Seamless Fulfillment Completion – Demands increase and therefore so should your capacity to accommodate the scalability.

Real-Time Reporting – Automated real-time reporting will help provide an enhanced view of inventory, pending and complete orders.


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Currently, the big players are still adjusting and ironing out issues with their e-commerce fulfillment services. Every day is a learning experience. It is the only way to get perfect. Make a note that traditional retail and wholesale distribution centers will take time to evolve as the customer’s needs keep changing into flexible, multichannel fulfillment centers. Companies that provide the best customer experience and deliver the right products, at the right time, and in the right quantities and condition, will build customer loyalty and that in turn will lead to brand loyalty.

A centralised warehouse management system makes it possible for companies to monitor inventory levels within all stores. Orders that cannot be filled may be redirected to ecommerce fulfillment centers.

So let us help you set up your very own e-commerce fulfillment centre for you. Let’s push the sales much higher than before, because it takes a team to be a success.

Filing in for the better.

Do you come in one day in your office and there is a heap of files stacked up and about to crash like the tower of Hanoi? Well statistics say, 8 out of 10 people working in a cubicle end up cramped for room and that in turn affects your productivity.
But before this hara-kiri can happen, it is imperative that you spend some time sorting through your junk and straightening it out.

This week we are focusing on file storage solutions. So it is time to squelch the struggle against paper struggle with these smart and systematic ways to get files/documents organised.

Manage And Track

Many professionals have followed one simple rule of organization. If you want your documents to be organised in a proper manner, you have to number them down. After you do this easy indexing job, the excuse of “I do not remember where I put that file.” Or, “I think I have misplaced an important file.” We are now living in the digital age where you can easily search your file through keywords. Implementin g this method helps you find what you need, when you need it and in the shortest amount of time!


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Group Your Documents

You do not need all the files ALL THE TIME. So annual reports, quarterly checks on the organisation, flowcharts can be easily stored for longer periods of time. So, you may want to store all files of one type together or perhaps all files pertaining to a particular project or client. It is also important that you diligently follow a storage process; it will be then suitable for both the parties, if not then you create more problems than you had before.

Take your time. Your files aren’t running away from you. Try to go a level deeper if you have a large volume of data that must be retained. As we mentioned earlier, if you have a large volume files within your organisation, then categorising and storing on a yearly basis is the way to go.


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Make Time

We are all good at procrastinating. Hell, we would do anything to put off something we do not love. It the same when we need to sort through our files and keep them organised. The file storage solution becomes a “when there’s time, I will look at it” job.
What if we could sort files during our downtime. We are not machines and hence we do drift away from our main work from time to time. Spending thirty minutes every now and then during the day, one can easily establish a file management system. Nowadays, there are companies that help with file storage solutions.


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To end this post, it is time to make changes in the way you approach your work. This positive step will lead to better productivity and a balanced work-life. We guarantee it.

If you’re looking for file storage solutions, we at BoxMySpace offer such unique services that will guarantee you peace of mind.

Let us know in the comments section below the other methods you use to get your file storage organised.