Warehouse Fulfillment Solutions In Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore.

Before you start the long journey into the e-commerce business, you need to have a fully functional warehouse fulfillment centre in place (backend). It is one thing to have good, strong sales but when the demand increases you should have an equal force to deliver. Therefore, you must get warehouses that has unparalleled customer service and modern technology to get to your customers on time and that improves your reputation and increases reorders.

Especially in a place like Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore, you need a professionally run warehouse fulfillment solution backed with a strong staff that is dynamic and efficient. We live in a time where the customer is GOD and wished for their goods yesterday.

Warehouse Fulfillment Solution in Mumbai

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Make The Right Choice.

Today everyone and everything is run through a smartphone. People spend more time on their phones that have a decent human conversation. Sales through mobile phones have tripled over the past 5 years. You get anything and everything at a click of a button or through an app. Therefore, investing in a proper strategy is vital for your business to grow and become a success.

Move from manual to automatic immediately. This will streamline your processes and save you a chunk of valuable time. You could set up an email trail, inventory and volume sales sheets, how many goods have got damaged or lost in transit, your overall costs and much more. All of this will help you better your service in the future.

Similarly, when choosing warehouse fulfillment solution, take your time and make sure it meets all your criteria. Carefully go through your list of pros and cons and then settle for the best option.

Warehouse Fulfillment Solutions in Pune

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Make A Difference.

When completing E-commerce orders, attention to detail is paramount. The usual process of any fulfillment service is to pick, pack, and ship. But nowadays, warehouses are beginning to be multifaceted i.e they provide additional solutions too. They include from same day order, to completion of catalog and E-commerce orders. They also include solutions such as bubble-wrapping fragile items and grouping separate product items into one, specialized package; product labeling; pallet co-packing and shrink wrapping. Therefore stressing on the point of warehouse fulfillment solution one can manage their business, which will lead to bigger market share, a one-up on your competition, global presence and strengthen the business brand, all while contributing to your bottom line.

Warehouse Fulfillment Services in Bangalore

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Finally, to end this piece of warehousing and its pros and cons; one piece of advice is to do your own due diligence. Cannot stress how important it is, especially for the newbies that are getting into the online business. A company can never be too careful to check out the claims of the logistics company and speak with customer and trade references in order to make sure that it is a legitimate operation.


Importance Of E-commerce Fulfillment Centres.

Today we live in an e-commerce world that is highly where the customer is the boss. Whatever your business maybe, a customer’s satisfaction is critical. But the gap is always growing and a number of misconceptions or lack of satisfaction arises. The main reason is poor fulfillment infrastructure.

Electronic commerce not only revolutionised the way goods are sold, but how they are delivered. The growth in e-commerce has transformed warehouse and distribution centers to mega e-commerce fulfillment centers. There is a big shift in how the retail and logistics industries operate.


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E-Commerce Fulfillment is the process of receiving orders online and getting them packed, & shipped to the end customers in a smooth manner. Other types of fulfillment include various B2B fulfillment services, which focus on shipping orders to businesses rather than consumers.

One must also make a note that management, packaging, accurate fulfillment, inventory forecasting—it all counts to build your brand. Therefore a sound strategy with all of the above points will guarantee you a boost in your sales.

Now moving on to the next point is the essentials of setting up a strong e-commerce fulfillment centre. Performance capabilities to consider when searching for a trusted order fulfillment center in Mumbai should include:

Inventory Management – The careful planning and management of product inventory across all channels helps to ensure real-time inventory visibility.

Complete Order Management – Use only the latest and most innovative technology and multi-channel interfaces to get a complete view of orders placed and product demand.

Seamless Fulfillment Completion – Demands increase and therefore so should your capacity to accommodate the scalability.

Real-Time Reporting – Automated real-time reporting will help provide an enhanced view of inventory, pending and complete orders.


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Currently, the big players are still adjusting and ironing out issues with their e-commerce fulfillment services. Every day is a learning experience. It is the only way to get perfect. Make a note that traditional retail and wholesale distribution centers will take time to evolve as the customer’s needs keep changing into flexible, multichannel fulfillment centers. Companies that provide the best customer experience and deliver the right products, at the right time, and in the right quantities and condition, will build customer loyalty and that in turn will lead to brand loyalty.

A centralised warehouse management system makes it possible for companies to monitor inventory levels within all stores. Orders that cannot be filled may be redirected to ecommerce fulfillment centers.

So let us help you set up your very own e-commerce fulfillment centre for you. Let’s push the sales much higher than before, because it takes a team to be a success.

The Pressing Need For Business Storage Solutions.

Remember how your teachers spoke to you about how we should help the smaller cottage industries. Well, it’s the truth. These cottage industries were once the backbone of our steady economy, before industrialisation took over. The business storage solution adopted by these industries are to keep overhead low and stay afloat, and continue doing and growing the business at a steady rate.

What many small businesses fail to realise is that these spaces offer, much more potential than just offering a place to put away the stuff.

Smooth back office

Order all of your deliveries to arrive directly at the unit, and dispatch your own orders from the same place. In other words, this whole process is called as e-fulfillment. Choose a self-storage facility not far from your own operation, as you can reach your destination quickly. You need to maintain a stable system of shipment traffic and thereby, saving you hundreds of rupees a month.

Convert it into your office

There is nothing like using the storage space as your office itself. A bonus isn’t it? Imagine the money you save with it. You can double your sales and keep your overheads minimal. Many facilities are offering small business services, ancillary solutions such as separate meeting rooms, personal business mailbox.


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Organisation on Point

When choosing a storage unit, you need to do a thorough check of it. By this we mean, see if the unit is ventilated enough, if it has been cleaned properly, also you need to check if it is climate controlled. This is vital, since it will help you in the organisation and seamlessness of your business. So the next time you need to take out something for delivery, you know exactly where it is placed.


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Storage Units are often in areas that are easily accessible for rail and truck transport depends on what goods you’re dealing in. But this also means that other clients who use this very storage space often share it too, meaning that other tenants could have access.


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Storage solutions are generally very flexible, with no long term commitments. With this in mind, it means you can use a storage unit as and when you need it. You might also try and look out for company’s discounts and benefits.

The above points are some of the pre-requisites when storing your goods in a warehouse. If you decide to try using a storage unit for your business, it is important to understand that all storage facilities were not created equal. Property features, and quality of a storage facility vary wildly from location to location. These are some things to consider when choosing a storage company.

BoxMySpace offers you with easy and simple business and household storage solutions that is light on your wallet and a smooth storage experience.

Helping you unlock hidden warehouse space

Something that every successful business owner will always claim, “I look for efficiency.” And this is true to anything you do. Remember the less time and effort that’s wasted getting a task done; healthier the bottom line will eventually look. So is the case with all the processes you lay down. Your warehouse is not just a dumping ground where you fill it with boxes. Fine tuning within it will get you the rewards.

So to help you get the most of your warehouse space and increase productivity that leads to efficiency, we have for you some tips you must follow.


Imagine the number of products and the sub products of just one item. Now imagine the inbound and outbound of the very same product. The number will be outrageous. So by simply adding a label to your products, you can easily track and store it and will help your management run smoothly. Also then with this system of labeling keeps you in check, rather than guessing.


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We live in the digital age, where life would come to a standstill if not for the internet and computers. Spend a little of your budget on technology. This will lay the ground rules of sequencing. This method helps your orders by pick path, and batching together in the same zone you shall save tremendous time on the distribution front. ALWAYS OPTIMISE – a thumb rule in distribution.


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People laugh off when you ask them if their warehouse has the proper signage. The little eyebrow slowly rises when you fail to address this issue. Make your warehouse a safe for your workers with the right placement of signs. Safety signs keep workers aware of hazards, and other safety precautions. India is a vast country with diverse culture and languages. Simple graphs or signs will also suffice.


Another simple tip to increase your productivity is to compartmentalise your warehouse. This way you improve order picker ergonomics by slotting your fastest-moving goods in the waist-to-shoulder area of your storage media. So the next time a big order comes in, you know exactly where the inventory lies in your warehouse, and you can get that out for delivery in a jiffy.


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Heavy to light

This point is elementary when it comes to stacking or storing your goods. Remember to always place your heaviest items at the bottom and lighter ones on the top. If you want to prevent injuries and major product losses, you want to arrange and organise your inventory according to weight. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Fast moving goods

Another style of storing your goods/inventory is by placing highest selling products right at the front. This aids the shipping and packaging purposes with ease and delivery is always on time. So why cause confusion when you can work smarter, rather than work harder. Stay on point.


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There are plenty of points you can still decipher and make improvements to your storage experience within the warehouse. Don’t panic, maintaining and organising a warehouse may not be as daunting as you think. It takes small steps to make a significant difference. Try it out, results are guaranteed.

P.S. If you are looking to store your goods at a secured place, you can locate us at the earliest. We will take care of the rest.

Storage Mistakes You Should Avoid

To pack and store away things can be a tedious task. Some people try and stuff all their items into cartons even if it is not logically possible. These overloaded cartons bulge out, leading to dust and tiny insects to enter and destroy your items. It also becomes difficult to stack your items in the storage facility. Packing your goods in the right way extends the shelf life of the product when not in use.

So instead of going through all that drama, below are easy to remember sound packing tips.

  • Use Old Newspaper.

We’ve all done it or watched our parents do it. When packing your items, remember to wrap them with old newspaper. It is important to do so as it keeps the dirt and other natural elements from harming it.

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  • Label is a must.

You’re not going to remember where you’ve kept your favourite winter sweater. You’ve just packed, sealed and ready to store quite a large number of cartons. So before you rush into storing these cartons, label them. Also a protip, when packing fragile items, stick a label reading, “This Way Up”, so when handling or reopening your items, it is done with utmost care. Avoid the unpacking drama and extra cleaning hours. (We have all been there at some point).

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  • This way up.

Your mother’s crockery set, or that beautiful painting from Germany – all of these items are fragile in nature. Therefore packing these items needs to be protected with layers of bubble wrap. Many a times, people to sooth their egos, assume packing it in tight spaces won’t damage the goods, but in fact they are wrong. For e.g. When you try and make space to push in one more pair of shoes, you might end up scratching the others with the belt. Over a period of time, it will become unusable.

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  • Cramming in.

How many times have we just tried to fit in one more extra pair of jeans, or few books in an already filled box? Admit it, almost every time. The human mind is so arrogant to save space. We WILL try and find the tiniest space to store things. Instead of all the madness, we can avoid this by storing it comfortably in another box.

  • Time and tide wait for no man.

All of us pray while moving homes or storing items that it runs smoothly without a hic cup. Storing your goods at a secured warehouse is always stressful as you need to be vigilant, so that you don’t miss out on anything. Rushing to pack a storage unit tends to leave things unorganized and could cause damage. Find out if transport is available by the storage company.

  • Space availability.

Everyone dislikes math. It’s a universal issue that no one seems to solve. So get a fair picture of the unit space you decide to rent out. There is a vast difference between 10ft x 10ft storage and 20ft x 20ft storage. Your space is not doubled but it has gone up by 4 times the original plan.

storage_unit - kootenaimoving
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  • Are you insured?

So you’ve meticulously gone through every step in packaging process. All things are a go, when it suddenly the Insurance bug hits you straight on the face. Most storage facilities refrain from providing insurance cover of your goods. It is always a big plus to insure your goods in case of external unforeseen circumstances.

We think we have covered all the bases with regard to storage.

Till the next time, HAPPY BOXING!

Are you relocating for work?

Changing jobs is a huge challenge and so does moving cities. If you are unorganized, then you are surely in a pickle. So here is a list of the essentials or must-dos when relocating for work. We are surely it will ease your burden. Here’s how:

  1. Know your new environment.

Have you done your homework on the new city? Is it better than your current place? Are thing easily accessible? The questions are endless. Yes, wherever you move to, this will be your new home. Get the right information about eateries, your cost of living, and is the new place a family friendly neighbourhood and so on. If you know people who have shifted to this city, get a low down from them too.

chicago-skyline-14325 - City
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2. Networking.

We understand that change is never welcomed with open arms. It is very important to network before you relocate. But a friend living in the city can always ease the process. He could introduce you to a couple his/her buddies, talk to you about the famous hangouts and recreational activities and so on. A warm welcome is always a PLUS point.

3. Negotiate relocation benefits.

Once your company decides to relocate you to another city, they deem you as a valuable asset (trust us). But it is you who is moving and therefore try and negotiate the best package possible. It is very IMPORTANT to get all agreements in writing before making the leap.
A few reimbursements to ask are:

  1. Temporary housing costs. This one is not a given, so be sure to ask.
  2. A relocation or adjustment bonus. This should include open/closing or transferring your account/money as well as Insurance. Candidates with senior positions have more leverage.
  3. Assistance in selling your current house, should you own one.
  4. Assistance in buying a house or finding a place to rent (in the new city).

    4.Shift forward.

You then need to decide a moving/shifting date to store away all your goods safely. It might seem convenient to move in to your storage space on the weekend when you don’t have work and when you’re relativity free.

5. Finding a storage facility.

Planning self-storage for moving is a matter of finding the right unit size as well as the right storage service. You can find the best storage service right here.
Depending on your requirement you can find storage units, capable of holding the contents of your house, which include furniture, boxes, and any appliances you may be moving.
Secondly, if you’re going to be moving to a hot and humid climate during summer, find a storage facility that offers climate control. You do not want your goods to get warped or damaged due to the forces of Mother Nature.
And lastly, find a storage facility with excellent security features so you’ll know your things are safe while in storage.

20150504225154-moving-business-packing - Feature
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6. Breathe in, breathe out.

Take a long and deep breathe, things could have been worse. Realise that things will not go as planned but with a positive attitude you can embrace all the hurdles with a smile on the face.

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Happy boxing!



Think about the word ‘space’ and our perception varies from person to person. As humans we desire for space. It shapes our personality and makes us unique. Not to forget the fact that we live in a country that is infused with a diverse culture and therefore it is inevitable that each cultural value will eventually shape our beliefs.

The world views space and structure mainly through visual elements. Therefore a brick, tree, door, window, and carpet are only a few visual elements that combine and allow us to experience space.

mumbai-four-seasons-hotel4 - iliketowastemytime(Image courtesy: iliketowastemytime.com)

Remember space is all about perspective. So, depending on our position in society, we inhabit space differently. Every minute of our lives we are in physical dialogue with the space. The spaces we occupy directly influence our psychological well-being and creative output.

To elaborate more on this concept of space, we take a few examples to understand what space means to us.

At public bathrooms in restaurants/pubs/motels, our minds immediately switch to a defensive one where our prime notion of cleanliness and privacy is at an all time high. It is a ‘necessity’.  On the flip side, think about your home; it is one place where your defenses are off, and you’re more relaxed. It is where your true identity is shaped.

We also see the importance of a simple queue. Instead of hoarding the counter, a queue restores sense of order in society by eliminating the class barrier. Similarly, a hotel room’s main goal is to make you feel as if you’re the first person to live in it. In offices, you’re surrounded by white walls in square boxes. Your soft-board therefore when filled with personal memories such as a photograph or your kid’s drawings, will create a sense of being close to your loved ones at all times, thus increasing productivity.

ocean beach sea shore tropical palm trees 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_49 - wall321(Image courtesy: wall321)

In terms of colour and the way space is used, the human mind reacts differently to situations. Say, you give a man a puzzle in a tight room, where the ceilings are low. He will complete the puzzle quickly, as there is a sense of “restriction”. Similarly you feel more relaxed with the colour blue as it signifies open skies, vast oceans, and beaches, because airy like spaces help us feel free.

And finally, there is an ‘escape’ space, where for a few minutes or hours, one would wish to get out of the hands from ‘family, colleagues and bosses’. It could be anything; a game on your phone, a walk in your area or simply get lost in your thoughts.

Man with coffee videezy(Image courtesy: Videezy)

Therefore, to put it in simple terms, the psychology of space is the perfect interplay between the man and space.

We would love to hear your “out of the box” thoughts on space.