Simple Summer Home Renovations: Pune Edition

A home renovation project is the best thing that can happen for a family. The joy and tireless hours spent in remodeling your dream home, is always special. The trend is driven by people staying in their homes longer and needing more space or to redefine the space they currently have.

Home storage in Pune emerged due to this very reason. Space in India is sold at a very high premium. Therefore, people on occasion do clean their homes and make it tidy and clean.

If you’re that sort of person who loves to spruce up their digs every now and then and eliminate clutter in the process, you’ll be happy to hear, it is really cost-effective to remodel your house. With a small budget, get ready to flip your homes and make it the belle of the ball.

Home Storage in Pune

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This is the SOUL of the house. Cooking delicious and creative food only will be prepared if the kitchen is welcoming. Punekars love their seafood cooked and presented to them properly. Reserve a small amount of your remodeling budget and make a few renovations within your kitchen. It will work wonders. So go on, add surface space for food prep and service, as well as extra storage room to keep seldom-used equipment handy and out of reach from the children. If you already have a big kitchen there is nothing like it.

Home Storage in Pune

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If you have a smaller kitchen, turn it into more of a functional one by increase decreasing clutter and gaining more storage space:

  • Install shelves to keep your spices and other condiments, near the cutting area (vegetables). These small spice containers hardly require any space.
  • Get yourself one of those tilt-out storage bins and racking system.
  • Make use of inexpensive cardboard panels that act like vertical dividers in cabinets to keep baking sheets and pan lids upright.
  • Similarly install hooks all around the kitchen so that you can hang your pots and pans.


We do not have big bathrooms like those abroad. The bathroom space in Pune is limited yet you can do really cool things. Here below are a few things you can do.

  • Make use of vertical space and add wall cabinets or shelving. If you’re on a tight budget, wooden fruit crates can be painted and hung on walls for a clever, inexpensive storage solution.
  • Install peg rails around the perimeter of the bathroom for hanging towels.
  • If you have room, consider a built-in storage tower or a free-standing storage shelf.
  • For a more dramatic (and more costly) solution, have a carpenter create storage niches over your vanity using the space between wall joists.[3]
  • If you have absolutely no money to spend, consider turning an unused tub or shower stall into closet space. Just put up a pretty shower curtain on a tension rod, and you’ve found several cubic feet of free storage.
  • Add a folding station. This can be a simple board that drops down on a hinge and folds up to the wall when not in use.
  • Install a bank of shelves or upper cabinets for storing laundry products.
  • Hang a wall-mounted drying rack for delicate items.
  • With a little elbow grease and a bit of imagination, you can find or create additional storage space without breaking the bank.

Home Storage in Pune

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If, you are still interested in renovating your bathroom, visit BoxMySpace and we will surely help injecting life into your house with modern styled ideas that will make the neighbours feel jealous.

Till then good luck with your home renovations.

Happy Boxing to you!


Home storage in Bangalore – Tips and tricks

Before you go on to read this week’s new blog post, I would like you to keep this statement running in your head like a teleprompter.

“Keep. It. Simple. Silly.”

The idea of living simple is very difficult to fathom for a human being. We human beings are made up of wants that will not cease. Yet we must try and adopt the art of minimal living. In your daily routine, you are barraged with colours, objects and ideas that create a clutter in your mind. If you’re living the city life, the hustle and bustle of it really takes a toll on you. Also, if you ever visited the city of Bangalore, you live half of your life stuck in traffic cursing your luck.

Home storage in Bangalore

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Therefore, in order to keep a calm mind, you must adopt the minimal route. Well, what better place to do it than to begin with home storage in Bangalore. Bangalore, the evergreen IT city is known for its swanky yet spacious apartment space. But did it ever occur to you that you might not actually be using your apartment space to its full potential? Fret not! We have got you covered on that.

Take few post its and memorise these golden rules of minimalism.

  1. You have less mess to clean up.
  2. You shop less and save money.
  3. You make your life simpler.
  4. You get the space you paid for.
  5. You are at peace.


When you look at your room, a tug-of-war goes on in your head on things that need to be kept or thrown out, also the constant need to go and shop is where clutter slow accumulates within your home. Therefore, it is essential to draw out a plan. Home storage in Bangalore can be easily done, if you plan right and systematically.
Alright then! Everything in your home will have a spot; it may not be currently there, but you will find or make space for said good. Sometimes, we over buy or own three to four similar products. For e.g. you recently bought two beautiful knives but you tend to be greedy and buy the whole set including a cleaver that will most definitely won’t be used at all. In other cases, we get attached to things, because maybe it is attached to some joyous memory or gifted to us or may be it has just helped you in some way. I tell you for a fact, if it is just lying around there, you need to cut the apron strings and dump it. There is no shame in that. You are cleaning a house that occupies an entire family, so evaluate, edit, keep and then store, and always remember to MAKE A PLAN – FOLLOW IT – #MANTRA

Home Storage in Bangalore

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So now your plans are more or less set, it is time to go about ironing out and keep just what you need.


This divine place is the heartbeat of the house. You can have long conversations, gossip while cooking sumptuous meals for your family. A full tummy is a happy mind. Before you cook your dinner, it is always inviting to see a clean and organised kitchen. So begin with the Tupperware or containers, which are old and never used, strip down your cutlery and see what makes the grade. Buy a small basket and place your cups, spoons, forks, ladles all in it. Add adjustable dividers in drawers; install panels to keep your spices and other flavouring additives. Keep the plates, above the sink in a cabinet. Finally, do a regular clean-up of things inside your kitchen. Add colour maybe, it will surely bring a smile on your face.

Home storage in Bangalore

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This room speaks loudly about your personality. Open your cupboard/closet, have a gander at the overflowing clothes that just came crashing down on you. Hello, are you listening? If you step back for a minute, you will see that most of the clothes you buy will never be worn by you again. It is human nature, every day you feel different and therefore try new things. Open your suitcase under the bed and dump all the clothes that you’ve outgrown or not going to make a use of. Donate it to a charitable trust they can make good use of it. Home storage in Bangalore is of a great need currently in big cities and living simple is how the modern world is perceived. It is ideal to have a goal in mind. Say 5 tops, three jeans, a couple of shorts and three pairs of shoes. That should do it.

Home storage in Bangalore

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Okay, so we do not have those lavish bathrooms that we see in the movies, we spare a small space of the apartment to do our daily duties and have a shower. Yet, this is the most, and I stress the most important room that needs to be hospital-like sterlised place. That being said, you must organise the cabinets in the bathroom. Have a soap box, your scrubs, toothpaste and toothbrush, washed, dried and kept in an air tight space. Rotate the towels so you get the same wear and will eventually all be ready to replace the same time, keeping the set the fresh and new.

Home storage in Bangalore

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There you have it we have just touched the surface of home storage in Bangalore. You can take on the mantle and do so much more. Yes, your house will still get messy and your kids will still throw around their toys and stuff will still pile up in places. But if you’re living in a city like Bangalore home storage done the right way will take you one step closer to your ideal home.

But for more such cool ideas and home storage options, BoxMySpace is an ideal storage solution provider you must have a look at.

Make space Feng Shui style!

The way you maintain your home, tells you a lot about the personality of a person. An unorganised mind is an unorganised life. Look at things around you. Does your closet overflow? Is that tiny corner of the house been used wisely? Is the area under your bed permanent storage space for junk?
Remember your mom say, “Cleanliness begins at home!” Similarly, an ancient Chinese proverb says that if you want to change your life, you must move things in your home.
So we bring you these simple Feng Shui steps of redesign and discover how you can revitalise your life.



Your main door is considered as “qi” i.e. the nourishment of your home. Therefore, if your entrance is easy to access, kept clean and let the air flow freely, your energy levels will most definitely increase.


See to it that the area around is not blocked, your qi will be diminished. Remember to take off the huge coats and hats as well as the smelly shoe rack. Decorate that same space with a painting on the wall, or a nice floral vase. Maybe even wash the adjacent window sills to let fresh air flow in that gleams on the entrance.

foyer - pinnaclehouses (Image source:



The bedroom is designed for one and only purpose – relaxation of mind and body. But we all just fling things around and it’s cluttered with paperwork, clothes, or electronic screens that beckon you to multitask. This is why with the smell and untidiness, you do not get sleep or flinch with the slightest touch or noise.


One word – ORGANISE. Move your televisions and other screens out of the room. Segregate your paperwork into folders and place them in a drawer. See to it that all the items go into their rightful place. Earn brownie points by organizing your closet and bed too.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas (Image source:



According to the study of Feng Shui, the kitchen that cooks fresh food reflects and has a direct impact on your well-being mentally and physically. Many a times, your kitchen space is not properly utilized and the dull room is really off putting. Everything then has a dominoes effect.


Organise the space, meaning keep your fridge, freezer, and cupboards neatly arranged, while you need to keep your compost/left overs food in an area away from your entire foodstuff. Clean the kitchen countertop and place your cutting tools in their rightful place.

modern-kitchen - fengshuiclinic

(Image source: Fengshuiclinic)

To end this article, remember the 4 golden rules of a Feng Shui like design:

  • Clear the mess to optimise space
  • Use of light, colour, and simple objects to create energy flow
  • Promote good health by being clutter-free
  • Integrate other natural elements into your home to create harmony and prosperity

When all this is done remember to treat yourself to something really nice, maybe a good cup of coffee or a movie with a friend. Clutter clearing is like an emotional therapy!

Storage Mistakes You Should Avoid

To pack and store away things can be a tedious task. Some people try and stuff all their items into cartons even if it is not logically possible. These overloaded cartons bulge out, leading to dust and tiny insects to enter and destroy your items. It also becomes difficult to stack your items in the storage facility. Packing your goods in the right way extends the shelf life of the product when not in use.

So instead of going through all that drama, below are easy to remember sound packing tips.

  • Use Old Newspaper.

We’ve all done it or watched our parents do it. When packing your items, remember to wrap them with old newspaper. It is important to do so as it keeps the dirt and other natural elements from harming it.

670px-Pack-Your-Possessions-When-Moving-Step-6 - wikihow

(Image credits: Wikihow)

  • Label is a must.

You’re not going to remember where you’ve kept your favourite winter sweater. You’ve just packed, sealed and ready to store quite a large number of cartons. So before you rush into storing these cartons, label them. Also a protip, when packing fragile items, stick a label reading, “This Way Up”, so when handling or reopening your items, it is done with utmost care. Avoid the unpacking drama and extra cleaning hours. (We have all been there at some point).

ed-moving-boxes_480-large1 - manvanmove
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  • This way up.

Your mother’s crockery set, or that beautiful painting from Germany – all of these items are fragile in nature. Therefore packing these items needs to be protected with layers of bubble wrap. Many a times, people to sooth their egos, assume packing it in tight spaces won’t damage the goods, but in fact they are wrong. For e.g. When you try and make space to push in one more pair of shoes, you might end up scratching the others with the belt. Over a period of time, it will become unusable.

5955820_a1ab62e08a - flickr
(Image source: Flickr)

  • Cramming in.

How many times have we just tried to fit in one more extra pair of jeans, or few books in an already filled box? Admit it, almost every time. The human mind is so arrogant to save space. We WILL try and find the tiniest space to store things. Instead of all the madness, we can avoid this by storing it comfortably in another box.

  • Time and tide wait for no man.

All of us pray while moving homes or storing items that it runs smoothly without a hic cup. Storing your goods at a secured warehouse is always stressful as you need to be vigilant, so that you don’t miss out on anything. Rushing to pack a storage unit tends to leave things unorganized and could cause damage. Find out if transport is available by the storage company.

  • Space availability.

Everyone dislikes math. It’s a universal issue that no one seems to solve. So get a fair picture of the unit space you decide to rent out. There is a vast difference between 10ft x 10ft storage and 20ft x 20ft storage. Your space is not doubled but it has gone up by 4 times the original plan.

storage_unit - kootenaimoving
(Image source: Kootenaimoving)

  • Are you insured?

So you’ve meticulously gone through every step in packaging process. All things are a go, when it suddenly the Insurance bug hits you straight on the face. Most storage facilities refrain from providing insurance cover of your goods. It is always a big plus to insure your goods in case of external unforeseen circumstances.

We think we have covered all the bases with regard to storage.

Till the next time, HAPPY BOXING!

Renewed Vows Of The Empty Nest

You knew this day was coming, and now it is a bittersweet moment. It 8 AM and your house is finally empty after 35 years. The kids have moved abroad to study and almost settled comfortably. You’ve the whole house to yourself and your significant other. Instead, flip your house and include a walk-in closet, extra bathroom, or dedicated crafting space.

  1. More closet space

Since your kids have moved out, here’s your opportunity to turn it into an extra room for all your dresses, expensive shoes, and maybe a vanity table for your everyday make-up essentials. Sort of like a walk-in wardrobe.

Closet - Countrylivingdotcom
(Image Source:

  1. Go simple.

When you’re remodeling your house, many people feel it will cost a lot of money. In fact, it is the opposite and you end up saving money. Make a list of what you want in the new and remodeled room. Remember, less truly is more.

Go simple - solarnovodotcom
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3. Ask before you dispose of.

Before you decide to go ahead with remodeling of the room, sit down with your kids and note down the things they want to do away with. If you just fling out everything, it feels like you’re violating their space. Tread lightly!

Dispose of - YouHouseLove
(Image source: Yourhouselove)

4. Décor de-clutter.

As we said before, you don’t need a lot of cash to change up the look of a room. For e.g. store away all the memorabilia in the living room and use that space for some wall hangings or other craft based products. It will most definitely add a spark to the room. Simple yet effective!

Declutter Decor - dirtinyourskirtdotcom

(Image source:

5. Try something new.

Yes, very much so! It is never too late to pick up a hobby and pursue it. It could range from painting, to gardening and could go all the way to knitting. This might come in handy when you become a grandparent & knit a cute bed sheet for the little tyke. It also doubles up as a great boost to get over the empty nest syndrome.

Hobby room - Flickr
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6. Workout.

Now with your kids away, your chore list has been drastically halved. You no longer are doing laundry for the entire family or running around doing other errands. So flip your spare room and install the equipment and decorative lamps to create a calorie-burning room of your very own.

home-gym - afpinteriors
(Image Source: Afpinteriors)

7. Work from home.

With the increasing number of startups nowadays, many people have now turned their spare bedroom into tiny and functional office spaces. Also if you plan to sell your house post retirement for a tiny one, an office place at home adds more value on the selling price.

Home Office - Silivedotcome
(Image Source:

8. Just leave it!

Sometimes the best thing is to leave the room as is. It will be like a cherished memory for you as a parent. You never know when your grandchild would love to spend her holidays. She would love a cozy room that your kid lived in. Maybe you could just store certain items in boxes and place it under the bed.

Kids room (Same) - Abate08
(Image Source: Abate08)

There are so many other exciting ways to restore your empty house. And if you’re still looking for more space at home, box it, seal it and store it away, temporarily.

DIY Home Storage Savers

Regardless of the size of your house or apartment, we as individuals have two priorities in life i.e. save a good chunk of money and use minimum space while designing your picture perfect home.

As rooms are getting smaller by the day, creating multipurpose rooms will help you live a clutter less life.

Here are some of the easy-to-do and rather practical ideas that do not need a remodel overhaul.

  1. Space-Saving Way to Fold Your Clothes

Did you know that there’s a right way to fold your clothes that gives you maximum space in your drawers? Try arranging your clothes horizontally way rather than a vertical stack, you will find more space than you bargained for.

4-organized-shirt-drawers(Source: Lifehacks)

  1. Sliding Doors For Cupboards And Bathrooms
    This is indeed a great space saver. Simply install sliding doors wherever you can as they require less space that swinging doors and are cost effective too.enhanced-buzz-32113-1373247200-9
    (Source: Pinterest)
  2. Under The Bed Storage
     Now-a-days the space available under your bed is a great place to store all your seasonal clothes and thick blankets for when you need them. For a small apartment with limited space in terms of closets.13-under-bed
    (Source: Homedit)
  1. Shoe Hangers
    We all have those old metal hangers that you want to dispose of. Wait, before you do, they are still are of great use. You just bend the hanger to create a hook so that your shoes will stick on the ends and then hang them in the closet or wherever convenient.29-shoe-hack

(Source: Instructables)

  1. Colour Pop
    At times, people design kitchens in mono tones or may add a bit of highlight. It can drive away your appetite and can be unwelcoming to a point. Add a pop of colour to your bland kitchen spaces with bright pots and pans. This will bring variety in your kitchen cabinets which can go a long way.enhanced-buzz-27161-1409338212-4
    (Source: Homedit)
  1. Corner Shelves
    Every inch in your small apartment can come to use and add an angle to your room. Like this one – where a single shelf that fits perfectly into the corner of a room can display so much more.ft_oct04msl06_xl

So go ahead, we only have touched the creative surface, there is so much more you can do and innovate to make your house stand out and have #FunWithSpaces. Just because your house is small doesn’t mean you can’t live large, isn’t it?

But if you’re still looking for store away your items, you can always “box them”, if you know what we mean!

De-Stress + De-Clutter = Re-Freshing

Cars that go from 0-100 in a matter of seconds, equipments that operate in automatic mode with the least bit of human intervention, answering calls through your wrist watches, speaking with friends through video calls and the list turns a corner and goes on. Our life, hell, our whole universe is revolving around time and space. But hey, with all honesty, these are the only two things that we somehow can never get enough of, isn’t it? For time, well, there are planners and to-do lists and the works, but what about space? Who is going to get you some additional space without charging a lifetime worth of savings?

BoxMySpace brings to you that one thing you are in need of, the most.

Well, let’s take a case in point. You have worked your ass off the whole day at office, you come back home and all you need is some space to sit, stretch or curl up in a ball, maybe catch a quick nap or maybe watch some television. But what if, instead of doing any of the above, you are forced to pick pile of clothes from your couch you don’t even need, so you can sit or stretch with caution so your hands don’t end up breaking an over-sized chandelier that doesn’t even work? Sigh!

Blog 3 Image 1

This is exactly why BoxMySpace is here, ladies and gentlemen. We are here to add a little spice by clearing up the mundane junk that surrounds you, free up some space for you so you can stretch like a cat and give you some much needed metropolitan city fresh air to ease the congestion off. All you need to do, after reading this complete article is, take some storage space for rent so we can find you some lockers to put your unused clutter in. Yes, it can be that simple.

Storage at doorsteps is the way ahead. After all these fancy e-commerce outfits delivering stuff at your doorstep which sooner or later converts into clutter, don’t you need someone who can help you de-clutter as well? Hell yeah, right?

Here’s your chance then. Book your space or well, BoxYourSpace with BoxMySpace and help restore some much needed balance to the space-time equation. If you want to come back to a refreshing home, help us help you by de-stressing and de-cluttering your lives.

Blog 3 Image 2

Opportunity may knock at your door twice, but storage at doorsteps might just not.