Clever tips for better office productivity in Pune

We are materialistic beings. We keep wanting things to better our lives. I mean who wouldn’t want an automatic coffee maker that brews a fresh pot every two hours, or an office storage service that organizes itself? There are innumerable products out there, which ease our concern for clutter. But in fact, these are major roadblocks, and affect our productivity. It is the harsh truth. You need to get straight to dumping the mess out.

So with a little bit of help, your home office can be just as organized, tidy and easy to navigate just like your home. So strap on your helmet and get ready to ride this roller-coaster.

Office Storage services in Pune

The must haves

When designing your office, space is your biggest enemy. Everything and anything eats up space greedily. Therefore, what you must do is make a list of the essentials for your office to be functional. One will need filing cabinets, shelves, adequate lighting, and a work table to keep the laptop, a notepad and a pen to be able to spread out project work and comfortable seating for the employees. Think minimal, think productive.

Storage is the key

Like we covered earlier, one must straighten up the office in terms of storage. Sometimes the office is not welcoming when you find things just being thrown out in disarray. The key to making things easier is to delegate space for your things. With the help of an office storage service, you save a lot of time and effort. You become more efficient and have things available on the go. Follow a system that works for you, otherwise there will be a lot of clutter and that will lead to depression and increase levels in stress. Follow the old adage – a place for everything and everything in its place.

Office storage services in Pune

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Reward for cleanest desk

The desk – where the magic will happen needs to be inviting. Here you have your laptop, your scribble pad and a pen. You keep your current projects and bills that need to be paid. So in fact, it is a high traffic area 24/7. Therefore you need to have this place in tip-top shape otherwise it will hamper your productivity. Have a checklist of your daily activities. At the end of each night, before wrapping, up see what needs to be done for the next day and store your clutter away from the work desk.

The need for office supplies

Stationary adds vibrancy in a dull office. Nowadays you get tons of cool stationary items online. Pick a few of them and bring them to your office. Always have a backup of things when you run out of stationary. Invest in smaller drawers, baskets, pencil holders etc. Don’t let a cool idea slip away from your head. In fact carry a pen in every pocket you have on you.

Office Storage Services In Pune

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Go current

Adopting the minimal approach does work wonders. A simple rule you should follow: If it’s not current, store it somewhere else. Out of sight is out of mind. It doesn’t take much of your time, all you need to do is keep it simple.

Feel light

How can you forget having the right lighting in the room? That would be an absolute sacrilege. Installing the correct light setting in your room makes it look comfortable. Add a yellow desk lamp, so you don’t need to squint when reading an important document. A recent study shows that adding small lamps (3-4), you let your mind relax and makes you happy and content. Try it! Light up your office. See and feel the change.


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This is only a small change at the surface. There are so many other ways where one can breathe fresh air in your office. Add a funky looking clock, maybe install new curtains, and add a few paintings, signage on the walls. We would love to hear your office décor thoughts too. No idea is a bad idea.

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Until then Happy Boxing!



Simple Home Office Storage Ideas – Pune

These days everyone is running their business from the comfort of their home in Pune. All they need is a laptop, a smartphone and they are good to go. Study says that it is vital to bring colour, vibrancy and organisation into your play zone to boost productivity. Remember, there is always place for storage in and around you. It just takes the right imagination to make use of it. You juggle multiple clients while concentrating on strategy; then why not organise your office? Read on for some of our favourite home office storage ideas.

The First

We have covered this point in our previous posts. One most adopt the modern and minimalist approach. Your home office should include a simple desk with drawers. These drawers are storage savers. You can even label them from the outside and have everything within arms’ length.

Home storage in Pune

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The Second

Your desk speaks volumes about the work you’re doing. Certain people require smaller tables while others require a secondary help. Secondly, the size of your office in Pune is also vital for your office desk space. Décor comes in secondary. It is just fluff around the core ingredient. Regardless of what style of desk you select, it’s important to consider how much storage space it offers you. As we said before, by simply adding drawers and desk top organizers such as stationary holders, file organisers you can help maximize the amount of storage space in and on your desk.

Home Office Storage in Pune

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The Third

As we move away from the desk and the various contents it consists of, sometimes you see piles of files and folders just lying in and around the desk. Visit any of your Fortune 500 firms or Government office in Pune, you will see big, rusty steel cabinets being overload with paper work. While they serve us with the right functionality, they’re not the attractive, full stop. These days there are plenty of wrapping paper or designer cum storage office furniture. You can definitely enhance the beauty of your office as well as provide storage space for your files. Pick a corner to place this new swanky cabinet in an otherwise wasted space of your office.

Office Storage in Pune

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The Fourth

If you are an active follower of our blog, we recently covered different methods in creating a functional library at home. Shelving is a method adopted by many millennial startups these days. What do we mean by that? Well, simply add flat wooden slabs on the wall at an equal distance and place your books, important files and more. Also you can have your small baskets to store your other items Keeping small things in a container of some type will prevent them from looking like clutter on the shelf.

Office storage in Pune

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The Fifth

Crates, yes you do get them in the open market are a great way to store your office goods. A couple of these crates filled with colorful file folders can actually become an artistic part of your office design. You might even want to select colored crates to enliven your office decor. *rubs palms*

The Sixth

A bench seat with storage can be an attractive addition to a home office in Pune. You can place your bags inside them. Add a sofa cum bed in your office space. The lower part can be used for storage of pillows, bed sheets (for those long nights etc.) You deserve to have a restful place to take a break from work from time to time.

Office Storage in Pune

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To keep your home office organized and attractive, you’ll probably need to incorporate a variety of storage ideas into the design. Look up various websites/ forums and such to get those creative juices flowing.

If you are really looking for the right answer, then have a look at BoxMySpace. We would love to help you out. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding storage after that.

Until then Happy Boxing!

Simple Summer Home Renovations: Pune Edition

A home renovation project is the best thing that can happen for a family. The joy and tireless hours spent in remodeling your dream home, is always special. The trend is driven by people staying in their homes longer and needing more space or to redefine the space they currently have.

Home storage in Pune emerged due to this very reason. Space in India is sold at a very high premium. Therefore, people on occasion do clean their homes and make it tidy and clean.

If you’re that sort of person who loves to spruce up their digs every now and then and eliminate clutter in the process, you’ll be happy to hear, it is really cost-effective to remodel your house. With a small budget, get ready to flip your homes and make it the belle of the ball.

Home Storage in Pune

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This is the SOUL of the house. Cooking delicious and creative food only will be prepared if the kitchen is welcoming. Punekars love their seafood cooked and presented to them properly. Reserve a small amount of your remodeling budget and make a few renovations within your kitchen. It will work wonders. So go on, add surface space for food prep and service, as well as extra storage room to keep seldom-used equipment handy and out of reach from the children. If you already have a big kitchen there is nothing like it.

Home Storage in Pune

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If you have a smaller kitchen, turn it into more of a functional one by increase decreasing clutter and gaining more storage space:

  • Install shelves to keep your spices and other condiments, near the cutting area (vegetables). These small spice containers hardly require any space.
  • Get yourself one of those tilt-out storage bins and racking system.
  • Make use of inexpensive cardboard panels that act like vertical dividers in cabinets to keep baking sheets and pan lids upright.
  • Similarly install hooks all around the kitchen so that you can hang your pots and pans.


We do not have big bathrooms like those abroad. The bathroom space in Pune is limited yet you can do really cool things. Here below are a few things you can do.

  • Make use of vertical space and add wall cabinets or shelving. If you’re on a tight budget, wooden fruit crates can be painted and hung on walls for a clever, inexpensive storage solution.
  • Install peg rails around the perimeter of the bathroom for hanging towels.
  • If you have room, consider a built-in storage tower or a free-standing storage shelf.
  • For a more dramatic (and more costly) solution, have a carpenter create storage niches over your vanity using the space between wall joists.[3]
  • If you have absolutely no money to spend, consider turning an unused tub or shower stall into closet space. Just put up a pretty shower curtain on a tension rod, and you’ve found several cubic feet of free storage.
  • Add a folding station. This can be a simple board that drops down on a hinge and folds up to the wall when not in use.
  • Install a bank of shelves or upper cabinets for storing laundry products.
  • Hang a wall-mounted drying rack for delicate items.
  • With a little elbow grease and a bit of imagination, you can find or create additional storage space without breaking the bank.

Home Storage in Pune

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If, you are still interested in renovating your bathroom, visit BoxMySpace and we will surely help injecting life into your house with modern styled ideas that will make the neighbours feel jealous.

Till then good luck with your home renovations.

Happy Boxing to you!

Simple Home Storage Tips in Mumbai, Bangalore & Pune.

The thought of cleaning up your home or rearranging it makes you want to scream into your pillow. You sit meticulously and chart out how it can be done. But it NEVER goes according to plan 9 times out of 10. So if you haven’t figured out the furniture arrangements or your new house simply isn’t quite ready yet, there are home storage solutions in Bangalore, Mumbai & Pune that can come to your aid.

So without further ado, it is time to tackle the problem. Don’t you love walking into your home where things are in place? Such houses evoke a sense of personality of the owner. Immediately thoughts of more space, tidiness and cleaner surfaces bring a smile to oneself.

Home Storage in Bangalore


Here is a thought. Have you ever thought of going SIMPLE or MINIMAL?

People are now realizing the value of being plain yet adding a dash of colour when planning their house. Minimalism has a lot going on. In our daily life, we have a lot of challenges with regard to storage or following a nice principle of cleaning up after you finish. For example at office or at home, when we finish reading the paper we store them properly on one side of the coffee table. This should be the same with the office files or important documents. There are many home storage solutions out there who can help you with the same.

home storage in Mumbai

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The next thing to tackle is your possessions, namely the store bought clothes, the stack of novels, comics and other study books and various other possessions to think about. There are different methods to adopt such as you can categorise your clothes as summer, winter and monsoon wear. You know for a fact that some set of clothes would be worn only once in a year, instead why not pack them away. This goes for your books, CD collection and anything else that is used sporadically. These days there are a number of companies that help with home storage solutions. They do everything from packing to storing.

As soon as you adopt a process of purging, listing and de-clutter, there will be a vast difference seen in your home and in your life. There are many other cases where people sometimes rent out a unit outside the city just so that they can store their excess household goods. Clutter is a result of laziness that has taken a nice corner in your mind so you can put odd jobs for afterwards.

Home Storage in Bangalore

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Of course it’s worthwhile to have some great home storage solutions too. You won’t be able to keep everything in your storage space because some of it will be needed more often. It’s the best way to get the best of all worlds so you’re able to show off your minimalist look whenever you have friends round for dinner. Yes, we know it is a bit of an ego boost to you.

Try it. Get organised and you get more time to spend with your loved ones.

Until then, happy boxing!

Helping you unlock hidden warehouse space

Something that every successful business owner will always claim, “I look for efficiency.” And this is true to anything you do. Remember the less time and effort that’s wasted getting a task done; healthier the bottom line will eventually look. So is the case with all the processes you lay down. Your warehouse is not just a dumping ground where you fill it with boxes. Fine tuning within it will get you the rewards.

So to help you get the most of your warehouse space and increase productivity that leads to efficiency, we have for you some tips you must follow.


Imagine the number of products and the sub products of just one item. Now imagine the inbound and outbound of the very same product. The number will be outrageous. So by simply adding a label to your products, you can easily track and store it and will help your management run smoothly. Also then with this system of labeling keeps you in check, rather than guessing.


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We live in the digital age, where life would come to a standstill if not for the internet and computers. Spend a little of your budget on technology. This will lay the ground rules of sequencing. This method helps your orders by pick path, and batching together in the same zone you shall save tremendous time on the distribution front. ALWAYS OPTIMISE – a thumb rule in distribution.


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People laugh off when you ask them if their warehouse has the proper signage. The little eyebrow slowly rises when you fail to address this issue. Make your warehouse a safe for your workers with the right placement of signs. Safety signs keep workers aware of hazards, and other safety precautions. India is a vast country with diverse culture and languages. Simple graphs or signs will also suffice.


Another simple tip to increase your productivity is to compartmentalise your warehouse. This way you improve order picker ergonomics by slotting your fastest-moving goods in the waist-to-shoulder area of your storage media. So the next time a big order comes in, you know exactly where the inventory lies in your warehouse, and you can get that out for delivery in a jiffy.


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Heavy to light

This point is elementary when it comes to stacking or storing your goods. Remember to always place your heaviest items at the bottom and lighter ones on the top. If you want to prevent injuries and major product losses, you want to arrange and organise your inventory according to weight. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Fast moving goods

Another style of storing your goods/inventory is by placing highest selling products right at the front. This aids the shipping and packaging purposes with ease and delivery is always on time. So why cause confusion when you can work smarter, rather than work harder. Stay on point.


(Image source: Pixabay)

There are plenty of points you can still decipher and make improvements to your storage experience within the warehouse. Don’t panic, maintaining and organising a warehouse may not be as daunting as you think. It takes small steps to make a significant difference. Try it out, results are guaranteed.

P.S. If you are looking to store your goods at a secured place, you can locate us at the earliest. We will take care of the rest.

Home organisation done the right way.

We all dream to have a perfectly kept house with a gorgeous view. But alas we find that very hard in reality because we are emotional beings. There is a big tug-of-war going on in our heads with what to keep behind and what needs to go. Our human needs are never ending, and we always want more and more. It is because of our constant need to buy, is where the mess/clutter begins.
So here is the first step towards a more organized home; you need to downsize your possessions and that in turn will automatically create the spaces you need. Keep in mind maintaining this state of mind is another challenge altogether.

Before you start losing your marbles and start screaming, we have created a list of how to create a clean-up process that will calm your nerves and keep your home tidy.

  1. Clothes

Clothes as an item/good are more of a fad. It goes through a life cycle, where every Tom Dick and Harry is wearing it to satisfy their ego. There are others who decide to buy a specific piece of clothing & wait for the perfect occasion but it never happens. So here is what you do; take out all the clothes you purchased or had been gifted to you in the last two months. Sift through it and see if you still look good in it, keep it. If it doesn’t fit grab an empty basket and donate it away to a charitable trust.


(Source: Pexels)

  1. Musical instruments

We all have music idols in our life, or been bit by the music bug as a kid. So much so that we took it up to learn an instrument. A piano is easy to organise provided you don’t store it in the attic or basement or a dingy corner of your house as the heat and humidity can damage natural wood and cause corrosion. But many a times the enthusiasm dies out after a couple of classes and the instrument is just kept lying unattended. It is best to wrap them up in a soft cloth with paper or you can give it away to someone who will make use of it.


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  1. Sports

Sports gear is seasonal in nature; you might not make use of it throughout the year. Another factor is your kids will outgrow their gear between seasons and therefore will only occupy the space at home. Why not donate them to a sports shop that sells second hand? You get the space you want & they get new customers, it a perfect win-win situation. Or else, if you wish to keep it, protect it from attracting rust with proper care and ample wrapping of paper or cloth.


(Source: Pexels)

  1. Furniture

A living room remains incomplete without some kind of furniture. Furniture is an extension of your personality. It could be a nice cushioned sofa or it could be a nice arm chair with a reading lamp. People in the modern society now adopt the minimalistic approach, or “JUST-WHAT-YOU-NEED”. To extend the longevity of your furniture, there are different ways one can restore its value. You could use bubble wrap so that the edges don’t get chipped off. Make use of a brown paper or non-ink paper to cover the vases or lamp shades and poles so they are safe when being transported. Alternatively, you can donate it to a near furniture shop so they can make use of it.

The benefits of home organization are plenty, but it takes a calm mind and a whole lot of effort to reach your desired results. Take your time, and start gradually turning your home by creating beautiful spaces.

Tune up and tune in

Musical instruments are often expensive, take up a large chunk of your living space and hence you might want to store them away safely. Sometimes your gigs are few and far between, and the people in your house have made alternative uses to it. Therefore, as a solution, pack and store it safely in a large secured warehouse.

Before you do that, here are simple steps you must follow to keep your instruments in the best condition:

  1. Know your instruments.

An extremely important aspect of storage is the know-how of your musical instruments. Most of them are made of various kinds of wood i.e. pianos, cellos, guitars etc. Also there are metal based instruments like the horn, electrical keyboards, all of which require the right safety measures. Wood and metal have varying shelf live and can be affected with humidity and heat. Therefore, protection is a must.

(Image source: Pixabay)

  1. Clean your instruments.

So you’re now educated about your instrument; the next step is to gently clean your sound machines. This goes without even saying whenever you keep anything in storage. If you just dump it in, dust will accumulate quickly and spoil the metal cords and so on. It is best to use a clean dry cloth to wipe the surface clean.


(Image source: Pixabay)

  1. Climate-control storage of instruments.

A thumb rule when storing your instruments in a storage facility is the climate. Any micro fissures will soon become giant cracks. Even metal instruments suffer since the different metal components expand and contract at different rates, putting strain on all the joints. Many a times dust gets accumulated in the nooks of your instrument thereby leading to corrosion and wastefulness.

  1. Dissemble your instruments.

It will make packing and storing a lot easier. So, your mouthpieces, need to be detached, unscrewed and kept aside. You drums and guitars should be loosened to prevent strings being snapped and your skins being warped.


(Image source: Pixabay)

  1. Case your instruments.

Store your instrument in a proper case. The case should be designed for the instrument. Drums should be stored in individual cases. Any nuts, bolts and stands should be stored separately in boxes. If you are dealing with a piano, place a tarp and a cloth over it. A tarp will ensure dust and debris doesn’t get into the delicate inner workings of the instrument.

brass_instrument_valve_case_cleaning_brush - aliimg

(Image source: AliImg)

  1. Elevate your instruments.

The best practice to store your instruments are at a height. Sometimes due to a natural calamity like storms, water might seep in or condense on the surface of the case causing damage to the instrument. Use a platform or pallet; they can help insulate the instruments in winter times from the cold concrete floor.

If you need to store musical instruments, but are unsure of where to do so, call the professionals at BoxMySpace and let them help you find a storage solution for your unique needs.