De-Stress + De-Clutter = Re-Freshing

Cars that go from 0-100 in a matter of seconds, equipments that operate in automatic mode with the least bit of human intervention, answering calls through your wrist watches, speaking with friends through video calls and the list turns a corner and goes on. Our life, hell, our whole universe is revolving around time and space. But hey, with all honesty, these are the only two things that we somehow can never get enough of, isn’t it? For time, well, there are planners and to-do lists and the works, but what about space? Who is going to get you some additional space without charging a lifetime worth of savings?

BoxMySpace brings to you that one thing you are in need of, the most.

Well, let’s take a case in point. You have worked your ass off the whole day at office, you come back home and all you need is some space to sit, stretch or curl up in a ball, maybe catch a quick nap or maybe watch some television. But what if, instead of doing any of the above, you are forced to pick pile of clothes from your couch you don’t even need, so you can sit or stretch with caution so your hands don’t end up breaking an over-sized chandelier that doesn’t even work? Sigh!

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This is exactly why BoxMySpace is here, ladies and gentlemen. We are here to add a little spice by clearing up the mundane junk that surrounds you, free up some space for you so you can stretch like a cat and give you some much needed metropolitan city fresh air to ease the congestion off. All you need to do, after reading this complete article is, take some storage space for rent so we can find you some lockers to put your unused clutter in. Yes, it can be that simple.

Storage at doorsteps is the way ahead. After all these fancy e-commerce outfits delivering stuff at your doorstep which sooner or later converts into clutter, don’t you need someone who can help you de-clutter as well? Hell yeah, right?

Here’s your chance then. Book your space or well, BoxYourSpace with BoxMySpace and help restore some much needed balance to the space-time equation. If you want to come back to a refreshing home, help us help you by de-stressing and de-cluttering your lives.

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Opportunity may knock at your door twice, but storage at doorsteps might just not.


Recycle. Buy. Use. Store. Repeat

Everything around us comes with an expiry date on it. The monitor on which you read this, the mouse on which your fingers lay not so patiently on, your mobile phone which is about to beep with an inconsequential forward and basically every single thing in your sight. Stay away from the reflection in the mirror because that’s not the road we are taking.

The point being that our life, as we know it, is moving at a pace which leaves us little time to recapture moments and things that truly matter to us. We are buying things in a rush trying to cope with our needs, desires and wants and by the end of it; we are fighting the cramped spaces in our wardrobes. But here’s the problem. In the process of buying and using things, we sometimes create a memory with them, a feeling, and a reminder of the times gone by. It could be the jeans you wore in school that you now try desperately to fit in to or equipments that have lost their will to function but carry with them, tons of memories. What do you do with these things that hold immeasurable sentimental value to you?

Discard. Dispose. Let go. Aren’t these the words that come to the fore?

Blog 2 Image 1 Well, we have a word for you. Re-cycle. No, don’t break them down or burn them so that they can be used in some other form, for some other purpose. Re-cycle them by making use of a storage service designed by BoxMySpace. All you have to do is, use a short term storage facility so that you can chase that new watch or new phone or new piece of furniture, use it to your heart’s content and then instead of fretting about what to do with it – just use the bins for storage. A stackable storage option that keeps your stuff just the way you’d keep them at home is a pretty good deal, isn’t it?

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When you get around to losing that extra flab from your tummy, you hit the number of the storage service team and reclaim stuff that you signed up for short term storage. No sweat.

Yes, re-cycle things that you hold close to your heart because your memories can’t be disposed or discarded; they continue to live on through the things we own. It’s time to accept a new mantra – Buy. Use. Store. Repeat!

The art of letting go and claiming it back!

A shelf, an attic, a square inch in the beautiful balcony, wooden planks here and there, cupboards – inside, under and over. Vacant spaces left? Oops. Did you forget the space under the bed? No? Damn!


Books, clothes you don’t fit into, blankets that gather dust, paper cuttings of times gone by, equipments that have no life left but may someday sell on OLX or QUICKR, shoes that aren’t in use because fashion has trespassed the realms of sanity – this ladies and gentlemen is our array of collectibles, our memories and our junk. The insides often contemplate three words in loops of infinity – “Keep my stuff” – Where? How? What if I need it again? These questions, unanswered. Just, “keep my stuff”, for crying out loud.

Who are we kidding, right? We all need our stuff, no matter how old, weary or broken they are. But hey, what are you going to do when you save up for the all new Recliner chair and nope, sorry, no space available within the premises!

We form a part of the smart generation with smart phones, smart homes and smarter pants, so don’t you think we could make do with smart storage solution for the special junk in our lives too? BoxMySpace brings to you just that – home storage solutions.

Yes, your wish to have more space is now a possibility because BoxMySpace provides you with temporary storage facilities or prolonged ones, be what your need. Not only would there be organized storage of your “collectibles”, but you can re-claim it when you want it, where you want it.

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Whoever said that “letting go” is the key to happiness had definitely not heard about BoxMySpace. In a day and age where homes are getting smaller, letting go has often seemed to be the only way out. But, would you really let go if you had the chance to claim it back?

Home storage solution is an effective way for temporary storage of all that you don’t need now, but may need later. The cherry on this little piece of cake is that all your stuff undergoes organized storage for your ease, comfort and mental peace. Release the pressure from the veins in your head by asking BoxMySpace to book their space with your boxes.

Practice makes perfect, ladies and gentlemen. This one’s for art.

Did we just hear you say, “Keep My Stuff”?