Home organisation done the right way.

We all dream to have a perfectly kept house with a gorgeous view. But alas we find that very hard in reality because we are emotional beings. There is a big tug-of-war going on in our heads with what to keep behind and what needs to go. Our human needs are never ending, and we always want more and more. It is because of our constant need to buy, is where the mess/clutter begins.
So here is the first step towards a more organized home; you need to downsize your possessions and that in turn will automatically create the spaces you need. Keep in mind maintaining this state of mind is another challenge altogether.

Before you start losing your marbles and start screaming, we have created a list of how to create a clean-up process that will calm your nerves and keep your home tidy.

  1. Clothes

Clothes as an item/good are more of a fad. It goes through a life cycle, where every Tom Dick and Harry is wearing it to satisfy their ego. There are others who decide to buy a specific piece of clothing & wait for the perfect occasion but it never happens. So here is what you do; take out all the clothes you purchased or had been gifted to you in the last two months. Sift through it and see if you still look good in it, keep it. If it doesn’t fit grab an empty basket and donate it away to a charitable trust.


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  1. Musical instruments

We all have music idols in our life, or been bit by the music bug as a kid. So much so that we took it up to learn an instrument. A piano is easy to organise provided you don’t store it in the attic or basement or a dingy corner of your house as the heat and humidity can damage natural wood and cause corrosion. But many a times the enthusiasm dies out after a couple of classes and the instrument is just kept lying unattended. It is best to wrap them up in a soft cloth with paper or you can give it away to someone who will make use of it.


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  1. Sports

Sports gear is seasonal in nature; you might not make use of it throughout the year. Another factor is your kids will outgrow their gear between seasons and therefore will only occupy the space at home. Why not donate them to a sports shop that sells second hand? You get the space you want & they get new customers, it a perfect win-win situation. Or else, if you wish to keep it, protect it from attracting rust with proper care and ample wrapping of paper or cloth.


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  1. Furniture

A living room remains incomplete without some kind of furniture. Furniture is an extension of your personality. It could be a nice cushioned sofa or it could be a nice arm chair with a reading lamp. People in the modern society now adopt the minimalistic approach, or “JUST-WHAT-YOU-NEED”. To extend the longevity of your furniture, there are different ways one can restore its value. You could use bubble wrap so that the edges don’t get chipped off. Make use of a brown paper or non-ink paper to cover the vases or lamp shades and poles so they are safe when being transported. Alternatively, you can donate it to a near furniture shop so they can make use of it.

The benefits of home organization are plenty, but it takes a calm mind and a whole lot of effort to reach your desired results. Take your time, and start gradually turning your home by creating beautiful spaces.



Think about the word ‘space’ and our perception varies from person to person. As humans we desire for space. It shapes our personality and makes us unique. Not to forget the fact that we live in a country that is infused with a diverse culture and therefore it is inevitable that each cultural value will eventually shape our beliefs.

The world views space and structure mainly through visual elements. Therefore a brick, tree, door, window, and carpet are only a few visual elements that combine and allow us to experience space.

mumbai-four-seasons-hotel4 - iliketowastemytime(Image courtesy: iliketowastemytime.com)

Remember space is all about perspective. So, depending on our position in society, we inhabit space differently. Every minute of our lives we are in physical dialogue with the space. The spaces we occupy directly influence our psychological well-being and creative output.

To elaborate more on this concept of space, we take a few examples to understand what space means to us.

At public bathrooms in restaurants/pubs/motels, our minds immediately switch to a defensive one where our prime notion of cleanliness and privacy is at an all time high. It is a ‘necessity’.  On the flip side, think about your home; it is one place where your defenses are off, and you’re more relaxed. It is where your true identity is shaped.

We also see the importance of a simple queue. Instead of hoarding the counter, a queue restores sense of order in society by eliminating the class barrier. Similarly, a hotel room’s main goal is to make you feel as if you’re the first person to live in it. In offices, you’re surrounded by white walls in square boxes. Your soft-board therefore when filled with personal memories such as a photograph or your kid’s drawings, will create a sense of being close to your loved ones at all times, thus increasing productivity.

ocean beach sea shore tropical palm trees 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_49 - wall321(Image courtesy: wall321)

In terms of colour and the way space is used, the human mind reacts differently to situations. Say, you give a man a puzzle in a tight room, where the ceilings are low. He will complete the puzzle quickly, as there is a sense of “restriction”. Similarly you feel more relaxed with the colour blue as it signifies open skies, vast oceans, and beaches, because airy like spaces help us feel free.

And finally, there is an ‘escape’ space, where for a few minutes or hours, one would wish to get out of the hands from ‘family, colleagues and bosses’. It could be anything; a game on your phone, a walk in your area or simply get lost in your thoughts.

Man with coffee videezy(Image courtesy: Videezy)

Therefore, to put it in simple terms, the psychology of space is the perfect interplay between the man and space.

We would love to hear your “out of the box” thoughts on space.