Is Your Home Ready For Christmas?

Christmas is just days away and you can sense it in the air. The trees are being decorated, families visiting each other, clothes being traded in for warmer ones and some good wholesome family food being prepared. With all of this going on in the background, are you still dreaming of a clean and organized Christmas at home, right here in Mumbai?

So before the house bell rings let us help you tidy up and bring a welcoming feel into your lovely home.

Home Storage Services in Mumbai

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Wear your rubber gloves, bring a calmness into your chaos prepare, organize and clean. Make this holiday a truly memorable one!

Take one room at a time; what really needs your attention, the living room where the party will take place, or the bedroom which was recently painted – the choice is yours. Get started into smaller targets and finish them of your list!

Stress not, it is a simple, step by step progression. You’ll learn to stop dumping things in corners and begin to calmly clean and organize. At the same time, you’ll tackle a few holiday preparations side by side, like bringing home ingredients for a sumptuous for dinner, a little bit of sweets and so on. Your goal: Make your home feel Christmassy!

By mid week you will slowly see a change in the house. It gets more airy, your home in Mumbai will look like a good face lift. Your home will look more organized and ready for the celebration.

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Gifting is a big part of the Christmas holidays. It shows how much you love the dear ones. Formulate a list of all the presents you need to buy. Multi tasking is always fun and saves you a lot of time.

From gifts to new Christmas decor, cooking ingredients and other miscellaneous stuff; assign a list and break them down into easy-to-manage baby steps.

Ask for help from another family member. Delegating a few tasks will help burn-out and you won’t skip out important events before Christmas. You’ll be relaxed and ready to celebrate when the season arrives.

Finally, let’s do a recap of how to get things done. Here’s a little secret, keep a small notebook at the side to track and record all the little things, which make the celebration special.

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Remember, dedicate each day to a room and start decorating them as you g along. So now for the next time any holiday arrives, you will have an organization binder. A total go to book for all the ideas you need. All of it right at your fingertips.

If you browse the Internet you will find more options. But why waste your time when you can simply look up BoxMySpace or call on 8767252252. We would be happy to help.

Until then give us your ideas in the comment section, we would love to her from you!

Happy Boxing and from the BoxMySpace team, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A GREAT NEW YEAR to all!


Clever Home Storage Tips

Where do I store this and that? It is the first question that pops into our head. Yes, home storage facilities in Mumbai is paramount with match box houses these days. Go online and you have an array of ideas to get you started. But some of them are totally outlandish. Therefore, we have got you the perfect mix to get you the maximum storage space in your home.

Bedroom Storage


Chest drawers are come into fashion once again. Couples when designing their homes think of storage first. Chest drawers are the answer. You can just slot them under the bed and automatically save a lot of space. Best of all! It is easy to gain access to your things without fearing the cupboard to burst open.


Another storage tip for clothes is big wardrobes. Yes, these days due to the space limitation, installing a rolling wardrobe is a great boon. You have the luxury of having a big rolling wardrobe without giving up too much floor space. Try it out.


Divide your wardrobe into smaller boxes, and you will find more space instantly! In fact, with a proper storage plan you can start labeling the various spaces, so you find the things easily.

Home Storage Solutions in Mumbai

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Kitchen Storage


The brown goods in your kitchen should be tiny and functional. You are not running an eatery, so spend less money on buying bulking products. What this does is, you can divide your kitchen into various sections and storage of these items is easy.


One home storage space in Mumbai no one pays attention to is the corners. Convert the corners of your cabinet storage and you will see a vast difference in your kitchen. More free space equals to tastier food. The cook of the house will be happy for sure.


Your cutlery too, needs to be stored somewhere. Why not have unused mason jars turn into containers for your sharp knives? You can also store the forks and spoon and label them. Easy to find and saves a lot of time.

Home Storage Solutions in Mumbai

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Living Room


If you read our earlier posts, nowadays furniture plays a huge role in designing a home. People look for multi purposes within a product. So carpenters have acknowledge this and come up with unique answers. Your furniture/sofa now has place to store your books and have a mini library.


You can now store your DVDs and CDs behind your LCD TVs and have a movie library without building a new extra cabinet. Call us for the next movie screening. We will bring the popcorn and coke!


Make full use of the home storage space between the door and the ceiling by installing a full storage shelf. Not only does it use a previously unused area, it also creates a nice featured wall effect to the room.

Home Storage Facilities in Mumbai

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This is just scratching the surface when it comes to designing the house you live. If you browse the Internet you will find more options. If you need help, then simply look up BoxMySpace or call on 8767252252. We would be happy to help.

Until then give us your ideas in the comment section, we would love to her from you!

Happy Boxing!


Become An Expert In Art Storage

Every house, office or studio you visit, one thing will always be there for sure – an art piece! It tells you a lot about the owner of the said painting. Sometimes it is more expensive than the house itself. Fast forward to movies where art or set design is the mainstay on which storytellers pay a lot of attention, when creating a masterpiece.
To jog your memory, Wes Anderson a renowned director known for his outlandish set designs, has his move filled with art décor. The latest among them – The Grand Budapest Hotel. So how do you take care of such priceless piece of artifacts? You don’t need to rob it or put it in a glass casing. It takes proper wrapping and transporting and a safe warehouse storage in Mumbai in place.

Here are some of the storing tips on hand:

Wrap it up

It is not rocket science to preserve a painting. A three layered wrapping method will suffice. First, you need to slowly wrap the painting in transparent plastic foil which is easily available in the market. Secondly, a layer of bubble wrap to protect the edges from being chipped off. Thirdly, a brown paper to seal the deal.
Additionally, when you are transporting the art, thermocol sheets are of great use. See how the packaging guys get your products. Just like that! You can also use confetti so there is a layer of buffer when you hit a bump on the road.

Warehouse Storage in Mumbai

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Rack it up

When storing your paintings, always remember to make use of a rack in a warehouse storage. You can create one by cutting 2 x 4 wooden planks and placing it flat on to it. This way you avoid the water from dampening or any other insect from entering the artifact.

Warehouse Storage in Mumbai

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Temperature sensitive

A painting or a relic does not like fluctuating temperatures. The paints and the canvas all get damaged because of a sudden change in temperature. Keep paintings covered with an acid-free cloth. So whatever the temperature, no harm is done to it.

Professional packing services

The big players like UPS, FedEx and TPCIndia all have their own ways of handling fragile goods. Depending on the weight, size and storage material used, you can get assistance to transport your goods from point A to B.

Move to a Storage Unit

The final option for you is a warehouse storage in Mumbai, if you plan to keep your art in storage for an extended period of time.

Warehouse Storage in Mumbai

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At BoxMySpace, we provide climate and temperature controlled storage, clean, secure spaces and the peace of mind you deserve. Or else, you can call us on 8767252252. We are available in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

Until then, Happy Boxing!

Organising The Perfect Library In Pune

Novels and story books take you out of reality and let you dream with your eyes wide open. There is something so calming yet exhilarating when one reads an engrossing novel. Each novel has a memory attached to it, but also takes space in your bedroom or living room. So how do you keep your favourite novels intact and yet make space for more?

In this week’s article, we will give you some simple home library organisation tips and tricks that will appeal to your aesthetic as well as emotional senses all at one go.

So before you pick on a strategy to organise your library in Pune, one must get down to the nitty gritty of the task.

Follow this simple checklist:
a) How many books there are that need to be organized?
b) How much shelf space there is for all of the books?
c) How often will you make a purchase of new books?

Once these answers get clear in your head, you can go forward with the planning of your library.

The reason behind doing this exercise is that, you will get a sense of how to organise, whether you need an extra shelf to be built and so on. More so when you’re half way done, you will start making changes.

Book Storage in Pune

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So now on to the different methods of storing your books.

Go ABCD route

The first thing we learn in school is the ABCD i.e. the English alphabets. This strategy is commonly employed by many across the globe. It is an easy and efficient way to organize your books so you don’t need to waste time looking for it. But one must decide which way to organise; either auhor’s name or in terms of the book name. Putting books in alphabetical order based on the last letter of an author’s name in a title helps make a shelf look more oddly arranged. Now if you do use this method, you must have a good memory you can rely on. Imagine having placed books where the author’s name starts with a T or a P and is silent. Instant hara-kiri. This method of book organisation is very reliable and as simple as A for apple.

Title is important

When we say title, we do not mean British Royalty like “Sir”, “Madame” et al, in fact we show respect to the author’s title. Yes, many readers remember the book titles easier than their author’s name. Go do a quick survey and you won’t be disappointed. Approach your bookshelves as if they are a table you are arranging for a large gathering – you would be a bad host indeed if you purposely placed foes next to each other and ex-lovers right across the table from one another. Books are also paired like a good wine and a little bit of cheese.

Book storage in Pune

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Colour me silly

Sometimes a book/novel can be boring and story just redundant; but one buys the book because of the cover page. Colour in psychology terms plays a vital role when reading a book. In fact many a times, if a reader wants to read something soothing, she will pick a blue coloured novel, just to release the stress. This type of book organisation in Pune, appeals to the aesthetic side of your brain. It will look pleasing to the eye, even though the books are placed in a chaos. One will find a romantic novel beside a murder mystery, (hey wouldn’t that be an excellent movie). You can create your very own man made rainbow in the living room.
The other sub method in this type is to group them by weight or size, where one keeps the heavier books at the foot of the bookshelf and lighter and easily accessible books at arm’s length.

There are other several ways one can make a library look neat and welcoming. We would love to hear your ideas as well. Post your ideas in the comment section below and maybe you could win an award! (Yes, we do give out awards too)

Book Storage in Pune

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So what’s keeping you here, go create your very own novel library.

For more information, call BoxMySpace on 8767252252.

Until then Happy Boxing!

Helping you unlock hidden warehouse space

Something that every successful business owner will always claim, “I look for efficiency.” And this is true to anything you do. Remember the less time and effort that’s wasted getting a task done; healthier the bottom line will eventually look. So is the case with all the processes you lay down. Your warehouse is not just a dumping ground where you fill it with boxes. Fine tuning within it will get you the rewards.

So to help you get the most of your warehouse space and increase productivity that leads to efficiency, we have for you some tips you must follow.


Imagine the number of products and the sub products of just one item. Now imagine the inbound and outbound of the very same product. The number will be outrageous. So by simply adding a label to your products, you can easily track and store it and will help your management run smoothly. Also then with this system of labeling keeps you in check, rather than guessing.


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We live in the digital age, where life would come to a standstill if not for the internet and computers. Spend a little of your budget on technology. This will lay the ground rules of sequencing. This method helps your orders by pick path, and batching together in the same zone you shall save tremendous time on the distribution front. ALWAYS OPTIMISE – a thumb rule in distribution.


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People laugh off when you ask them if their warehouse has the proper signage. The little eyebrow slowly rises when you fail to address this issue. Make your warehouse a safe for your workers with the right placement of signs. Safety signs keep workers aware of hazards, and other safety precautions. India is a vast country with diverse culture and languages. Simple graphs or signs will also suffice.


Another simple tip to increase your productivity is to compartmentalise your warehouse. This way you improve order picker ergonomics by slotting your fastest-moving goods in the waist-to-shoulder area of your storage media. So the next time a big order comes in, you know exactly where the inventory lies in your warehouse, and you can get that out for delivery in a jiffy.


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Heavy to light

This point is elementary when it comes to stacking or storing your goods. Remember to always place your heaviest items at the bottom and lighter ones on the top. If you want to prevent injuries and major product losses, you want to arrange and organise your inventory according to weight. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Fast moving goods

Another style of storing your goods/inventory is by placing highest selling products right at the front. This aids the shipping and packaging purposes with ease and delivery is always on time. So why cause confusion when you can work smarter, rather than work harder. Stay on point.


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There are plenty of points you can still decipher and make improvements to your storage experience within the warehouse. Don’t panic, maintaining and organising a warehouse may not be as daunting as you think. It takes small steps to make a significant difference. Try it out, results are guaranteed.

P.S. If you are looking to store your goods at a secured place, you can locate us at the earliest. We will take care of the rest.

Storing your kids artwork for later.

You feel a sense of pride when you see how artistic your child is with their arts and crafts. But sometimes the school over plays the art work card and your home are overflowing with craft work. So instead, you as a parent can boost their self-esteem by framing, collecting said art work, sending them a clear message that you’re proud of their work.

Before you chuck them away, we can help you save, store and get your art work organised without losing its charm and maybe after a decade or two sell it off as masterpieces (you can see a big cheque coming in).

  1. Throw it out.

Yes, let’s begin from the bottom. We know each art work created by your genius child but let’s face it you CANNOT keep everything. Sit down, sift throw the humongous pile of art and start chucking them away. Trust me it is good for your soul. Give your kid the credit he/she deserves; you could hang it on the wall or place it on the fridge. Once it loses its essence just dump them away in the bin.

  1. Display them.

Acknowledgment is very big for your kids. It is the natural pill to boost their self-confidence. You could have a section of in their room dedicated to all their artwork. You could call this place – “My Creations”. Frame them, put a spotlight on them and before you know it, your child will start churning out really cool and imaginative stuff. They could also help in creating quirky little frames too.

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  1. The monthly/annual box.

So you are not able to part away with these items. It is hard for a parent, we all agree. So instead of throwing them into a bin, you can adopt the boxing system. This way after every three month elapses; you can take down the art work and store them in a box. Once the academic year is done, your child can sit back and see the art work he/she had done over the year.

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  1. Go digital.

Ah yes, we are in the age of smartphones, tablet, phablets and the list can go on. Every Tom, Dick and Harry posts his/her achievements on social media. With this method you can save a huge chunk of physical space and create your album on your laptop with ease.

5. Greetings.

Another way of storing your child’s art work is by simply sharing. Remember the age old way of keeping in touch with each other? Do greeting cards strike a chord in your mind? Then make use of your greeting cards with your kid’s art on it. What grandmother wouldn’t love to receive a special drawing or painting from her grandchild?

  1. Make it functional.

So by now you know your kid loves to create artsy stuff and they have the talent to do so too. Like having a personalised place mat in your house? All you need to do is choose one of your art work and with a few stationary supplies, you can create magic. Why skip on this opportunity?

opener-008-craft-jewelry-d110245_horiz - marthastweart

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So what are you waiting for? Get out those art supplies and let your Rembrandt create some masterpieces. You can be sitting on a gold mine.

Tune up and tune in

Musical instruments are often expensive, take up a large chunk of your living space and hence you might want to store them away safely. Sometimes your gigs are few and far between, and the people in your house have made alternative uses to it. Therefore, as a solution, pack and store it safely in a large secured warehouse.

Before you do that, here are simple steps you must follow to keep your instruments in the best condition:

  1. Know your instruments.

An extremely important aspect of storage is the know-how of your musical instruments. Most of them are made of various kinds of wood i.e. pianos, cellos, guitars etc. Also there are metal based instruments like the horn, electrical keyboards, all of which require the right safety measures. Wood and metal have varying shelf live and can be affected with humidity and heat. Therefore, protection is a must.

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  1. Clean your instruments.

So you’re now educated about your instrument; the next step is to gently clean your sound machines. This goes without even saying whenever you keep anything in storage. If you just dump it in, dust will accumulate quickly and spoil the metal cords and so on. It is best to use a clean dry cloth to wipe the surface clean.


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  1. Climate-control storage of instruments.

A thumb rule when storing your instruments in a storage facility is the climate. Any micro fissures will soon become giant cracks. Even metal instruments suffer since the different metal components expand and contract at different rates, putting strain on all the joints. Many a times dust gets accumulated in the nooks of your instrument thereby leading to corrosion and wastefulness.

  1. Dissemble your instruments.

It will make packing and storing a lot easier. So, your mouthpieces, need to be detached, unscrewed and kept aside. You drums and guitars should be loosened to prevent strings being snapped and your skins being warped.


(Image source: Pixabay)

  1. Case your instruments.

Store your instrument in a proper case. The case should be designed for the instrument. Drums should be stored in individual cases. Any nuts, bolts and stands should be stored separately in boxes. If you are dealing with a piano, place a tarp and a cloth over it. A tarp will ensure dust and debris doesn’t get into the delicate inner workings of the instrument.

brass_instrument_valve_case_cleaning_brush - aliimg

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  1. Elevate your instruments.

The best practice to store your instruments are at a height. Sometimes due to a natural calamity like storms, water might seep in or condense on the surface of the case causing damage to the instrument. Use a platform or pallet; they can help insulate the instruments in winter times from the cold concrete floor.

If you need to store musical instruments, but are unsure of where to do so, call the professionals at BoxMySpace and let them help you find a storage solution for your unique needs.