The Convenience of Warehouse Storage

Think warehouse storage in Mumbai and the first thought that comes to one’s mind is the convenient factor for so many reason. The practicality aspect is hit on the bull’s-eye with this storage option and one gets the space in the home or office instantaneously. So without further ado, here are some of the few reasons why a warehouse storage option can be a great boon to all parties concerned.

Natural Calamity

Earthquakes, floods, accidental fires do not come knocking on your door. They blind side you and take away the things you love in a flash. So why not periodically move the belongings, personal and professional to a secured warehouse?

There are a number of companies that help with storing of things. They cut down on your stress levels and save a huge chunk of time.


As part of strategy of any company, business or small traders, everyone wants to grow. Therefore when bringing in an intern, you will need to make space. Do not sit in a crunchy space, it will affect work productivity. Go for a warehouse storage in Mumbai, it will help you greatly.

Warehouse Storage in Mumbai

Seasonal Cleaning

In an office, the number of files and folders keep increasing as the year progresses. So after a campaign is ended or a certain task is completed, instead of pushing it to one corner and attracting spider webs, STORE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE! Warehouse storage would do wonders. Keep the work space as clean, neat and airy as possible. No one would come to office that looked like a trashy place, isn’t it?


Office renovations happen once every 4 years. Where does one store their goods when the work is going on? Don’t flip out, there are many solutions with regard to this. You do not need to cut your losses but store it at a secured warehouse. It is that simple. One call and you can have your things back in no time.

Feeling the Space Crunch

Ah, yes! Hoard mentality, us humans are very lazy. We form personal and emotional relationships with things. A case one worked on, a deal that was uncrack able, got done in a jiffy; and the examples can go on and on.

Warehousing allows you to temporarily store the files, office furniture and other surplus goods thereby getting more space.

Warehouse Storage in Mumbai

Home Office

This is the new trend. Set up your offices at home. Cost effective and a big time saver. But in order to do so, one must MAKE SPACE and get organised. It is a huge sacrifice, because one needs to remove certain furniture to set up shop. Where do you keep the rest? Flood the other rooms? Okay, don’t be lazy. Simple warehouse storage in Mumbai would suffice.

Whatever the reason for needing to store your possessions or office files; warehouse storage is a smart idea to consider.

If you need help, BoxMySpace has got the best option in terms of warehousing. End to end solutions at a click of a button. Call us on 8767252252.

Warehouse Storage in Mumbai

Until then, Happy Boxing!


Records Management in Bangalore – yes or no?

“Records management is knowing what you have, where you have it and how long you have to keep it.”

People sometime do not understand what records management is all about – they want their organization needs to be met without any hassle. To make things simpler we have this guide which pretty much should clear your misunderstandings.

Bangalore tops the list when it comes to setting up a business. These Fortune 500 companies have plenty of physical copies of documents. These documents eat up office space and hamper work productivity. The solution to this problem is to instill a record management system in Bangalore.

record management in Bangalore

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Records management in Bangalore is a service specifically designed for storing and managing documents, usually in cardboard boxes. There are a number of firms that provide this service. One of which is BoxMySpace. They have a secure warehouse and a strong racking system so boxes can be stacked efficiently. They barcode every box so you can track it on a central database. This allows clients to get items from storage all within a few clicks. The client just needs to pick the time and date for delivery.

Here is a look at the pros and cons of Records Management

The Security

When choosing a firm that deals in record management in Bangalore. One needs to do the basic hygiene checks. So what does one look for? The facility should have a 24/7 security staff and CCTV system. The second point is because one is storing important documents, climate control is primary, so that the documents do not get damaged with time. Because one is not allowed inside the room, a viewing room for your boxes or documents is essential.

The Cost

It all comes down to this. The ONE and ONLY query. How big a whole will it burn into the pocket? Space is premium in a country like India. Therefore, pricing will be steep for sure.  However, it is cheaper to use the services of records management for document storage. Certain firms give you a price by the space you use or the number of boxes used or a combination of both. It is best to always take a little more space because you never know when storage space could increase or decrease. The firms are normally flexible in that sense.

Record management in Bangalore

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The Environment

When storing documents, the loss of physical document damage or decay is a potential problem. Therefore, to ensure they last, paper documents should ideally be stored in cooler temperatures, without much humidity, and a proper ventilation system in place. One should also check the protection of documents against natural calamities i.e. floods, fire or any other. Finally one needs to check if the facility has a raised platform. This will help the documents from getting wet/moist and reducing the risk of damage.

The Convenience

Records management in Bangalore is therefore designed to be a simple and convenient solution. Gone are the days when you were hassled of retrieving documents and files. Pick up the phone or go online and get the boxes delivered at the doorstep. At BoxMySpace, we deliver the documents at the designated time so you do not miss that meeting.

We hope that most of your questions have been answered. Record management irons out the creases that organisations suffer from over the years.

Records management in Bangalore

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For more answers don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Just contact us today.

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Importance Of E-commerce Fulfillment Centres.

Today we live in an e-commerce world that is highly where the customer is the boss. Whatever your business maybe, a customer’s satisfaction is critical. But the gap is always growing and a number of misconceptions or lack of satisfaction arises. The main reason is poor fulfillment infrastructure.

Electronic commerce not only revolutionised the way goods are sold, but how they are delivered. The growth in e-commerce has transformed warehouse and distribution centers to mega e-commerce fulfillment centers. There is a big shift in how the retail and logistics industries operate.


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E-Commerce Fulfillment is the process of receiving orders online and getting them packed, & shipped to the end customers in a smooth manner. Other types of fulfillment include various B2B fulfillment services, which focus on shipping orders to businesses rather than consumers.

One must also make a note that management, packaging, accurate fulfillment, inventory forecasting—it all counts to build your brand. Therefore a sound strategy with all of the above points will guarantee you a boost in your sales.

Now moving on to the next point is the essentials of setting up a strong e-commerce fulfillment centre. Performance capabilities to consider when searching for a trusted order fulfillment center in Mumbai should include:

Inventory Management – The careful planning and management of product inventory across all channels helps to ensure real-time inventory visibility.

Complete Order Management – Use only the latest and most innovative technology and multi-channel interfaces to get a complete view of orders placed and product demand.

Seamless Fulfillment Completion – Demands increase and therefore so should your capacity to accommodate the scalability.

Real-Time Reporting – Automated real-time reporting will help provide an enhanced view of inventory, pending and complete orders.


(Image source: Pixabay)

Currently, the big players are still adjusting and ironing out issues with their e-commerce fulfillment services. Every day is a learning experience. It is the only way to get perfect. Make a note that traditional retail and wholesale distribution centers will take time to evolve as the customer’s needs keep changing into flexible, multichannel fulfillment centers. Companies that provide the best customer experience and deliver the right products, at the right time, and in the right quantities and condition, will build customer loyalty and that in turn will lead to brand loyalty.

A centralised warehouse management system makes it possible for companies to monitor inventory levels within all stores. Orders that cannot be filled may be redirected to ecommerce fulfillment centers.

So let us help you set up your very own e-commerce fulfillment centre for you. Let’s push the sales much higher than before, because it takes a team to be a success.

Are you relocating for work?

Changing jobs is a huge challenge and so does moving cities. If you are unorganized, then you are surely in a pickle. So here is a list of the essentials or must-dos when relocating for work. We are surely it will ease your burden. Here’s how:

  1. Know your new environment.

Have you done your homework on the new city? Is it better than your current place? Are thing easily accessible? The questions are endless. Yes, wherever you move to, this will be your new home. Get the right information about eateries, your cost of living, and is the new place a family friendly neighbourhood and so on. If you know people who have shifted to this city, get a low down from them too.

chicago-skyline-14325 - City
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2. Networking.

We understand that change is never welcomed with open arms. It is very important to network before you relocate. But a friend living in the city can always ease the process. He could introduce you to a couple his/her buddies, talk to you about the famous hangouts and recreational activities and so on. A warm welcome is always a PLUS point.

3. Negotiate relocation benefits.

Once your company decides to relocate you to another city, they deem you as a valuable asset (trust us). But it is you who is moving and therefore try and negotiate the best package possible. It is very IMPORTANT to get all agreements in writing before making the leap.
A few reimbursements to ask are:

  1. Temporary housing costs. This one is not a given, so be sure to ask.
  2. A relocation or adjustment bonus. This should include open/closing or transferring your account/money as well as Insurance. Candidates with senior positions have more leverage.
  3. Assistance in selling your current house, should you own one.
  4. Assistance in buying a house or finding a place to rent (in the new city).

    4.Shift forward.

You then need to decide a moving/shifting date to store away all your goods safely. It might seem convenient to move in to your storage space on the weekend when you don’t have work and when you’re relativity free.

5. Finding a storage facility.

Planning self-storage for moving is a matter of finding the right unit size as well as the right storage service. You can find the best storage service right here.
Depending on your requirement you can find storage units, capable of holding the contents of your house, which include furniture, boxes, and any appliances you may be moving.
Secondly, if you’re going to be moving to a hot and humid climate during summer, find a storage facility that offers climate control. You do not want your goods to get warped or damaged due to the forces of Mother Nature.
And lastly, find a storage facility with excellent security features so you’ll know your things are safe while in storage.

20150504225154-moving-business-packing - Feature
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6. Breathe in, breathe out.

Take a long and deep breathe, things could have been worse. Realise that things will not go as planned but with a positive attitude you can embrace all the hurdles with a smile on the face.

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Happy boxing!



In a modern world that is run by start-ups, there is not a lot of office space needed to run a business or your passion. Moreover you start off with a small capital. But these tiny, box-like spaces too can be set-up in a way that boosts your productivity and bring a sense of comfort with it too.

We have laid out simple DIY office upgrades that will surely brighten your workspace.

  1. Make A Nice Desk
    Don’t spend your money online to buy a desk. Instead, of throwing out your old book cases; use it for storage and convert your door into a top desk.

1efacf732c43f25f67fb208237928d21 - pinterest(Image source: Pinterest)

  1. Hanging Storage Cases
    Yes, the best way to store away your clips, pencils and other stationary is in the empty pickle jars. Decorate the outer jar and label them respectively, then using hanger hooks, place them on the wall. A simple and really effective idea!

seg2jars_1 - Marilyndotca(Image Source:

  1. Scribble-Up On A Whiteboard
    A simple whiteboard can be a big boon for productivity. Write up your to-do list or a billion dollar idea that could change the world. If you are a terrible delegator and assign tasks on the fly; the whiteboard is a brilliant way to create a sense of order in a chaotic day.

whiteboard-849803_1280(Image source: Pixabay)

  1. Chest Drawers
    Your mom is tired of the furniture taking space at home, why not take turn those huge chest drawers to store away your files in alphabetical order.  You could also compartmentalize your chest drawer using the old shoe boxes.

a99798_gt04_chestopen_vert - marthastewart(Image source:

  1. Personal Assistant
    The spring clips you use to hang your washed clothes, is very handy to hang post-its. Write the days’ events and to-dos on index cards and clip to the clothespins.

2115-630x700 - architectureartdesigns(Image source: ArchitectureArtDesigns)

  1. Visiting Card Holder
    It looks like your wallet is going to burst open with the overflowing visiting card cramped in it. Instead store them in a leftover mint box. It’s the perfect size for keeping all of your contacts in one place and also smell minty fresh.

original - weareheart(Image source: WeAreHeart)

  1. Get Wired Right
    Your laptop, phone charger, and other gadgets have long, never ending wires that keeping getting tangled with each other. Now with folder binder clips or ‘cord clippers’, you set the record straight. Just pull and plug.

diy-home-office-organization-ideas-declutter-cables-binder-clips-desk - lifehack(Image source: Lifehack)

  1. Magazine Rack

Everything in this world has a second utility. So the next time you empty the cereal box, instead of disposing it, with a little effort using your craft skills, convert it to a stylish magazine rack.

0206_kids_gtcerealbox_xl - marthastewart(Image source:

So get your office personalised, organised and add a dash of fun with these simple and easy to-DIY ideas and bring colour into your office!