Bubble-wrap: Poppin’ advantages.

The word “bubble-wrap” brings out the inner child in us and we can spend hours without caring about the world around us. Even when we order goods off the e-commerce websites, we will spend more time popping those air bubbles.

But today this blog post, we shall cover the advantages of using the bubble wrap in our daily lives. Bubble-wrap is one of the most versatile packing materials and most advantageous especially for shipping and storing of fragile goods and glassware.

Well, here are the other advantages of using bubble-wrap. They are:

  • Travel.

When you are travelling on long distances or for work, wrap all your valuables with a layer of bubble-wrap. For e.g. all your gadgets and gizmos, add a layer of bubble-wrap on your screen to avoid any scratches or dust to collect. This way, with the luggage being roughhoused in transit, your valuables stay protected.

luggage full and ready to travel

(Image source: TravelSuperMarket)

  • Knock, knock.

A study stated that on an average a person opens the door at least 35 times a day. Now multiple that with the average of a family of four; 140 times the door keeps swinging open and the knob hits the wall, causing a mark on the wall. Here is an idea, you can either wrap a small piece of bubble-wrap on the door knob or you can place a piece of bubble wrap the foot of the door. That easy!

DPC+Door+knob - squarespace

(Image source: Squarespace)

  • Décor.

If you do not want to waste paper while wrapping goods you can always make use of bubble-wrap to keep your festival decorations and ornaments safe. Trust us, they will not lose their shine, shape or colour.

336f1df6e197d0441b443ee93d26f0db - pinimg

(Image source: Pinimg)

  • Apparel.

You can use the bubble-wrap for your hand-bags. Yes, handbags. Listen for a second. Many a times, after using your handbag for a year, it loses its shape, tightness and almost on the verge of being dumped away. Well now you can save the handbag by simply placing a piece of bubble-wrap in an empty bag.

laplam-bubble-bag-3 - ecouterre

(Image source: Ecouterre)

  • Insulation.

It is always too hot or too cold for your liking. To counter this problem, place a sheet of bubble-wrap and tape on your window pane. What this does is the sheet acts as a thermal cover and absorbs the heat/cold and regulates the temperature inside the room. It also acts like a net to stop the pesky bugs and mosquitoes from entering your house.

window bubble - green building advisor

(Image source: Green Building Advisor)

  • Security.

A clever tactic to drive away intruders is to hide the bubble wrap under your doormats. It will act as a primitive alarm system where you don’t spend a penny, while you could catch a burglar red handed.

The-Neighbors-Have-Better-Stuff-Doormat - hicomsumption

(Image source: Hiconsumption)

  • Plants.

Wrap up your plant pots that are exposed to sun during the cooler season of the year.  All you need to do is wrap it a little higher of the rim of the container so as to keep the soil always moist and warm and help the plant not lose its important nutrients.

tips winter prep 005 - The Magic Garden

(Image source: The Magic Garden)

  • Stress reliever.

Whenever you feel stressed out, take the bubble wrap and go popping. You would immediately feel better. It can also keep your kids busy, while you complete all your errands at home.

stress-relief-alt - grapevine

(Image source: Grapevine)

So before you try to burst the bubble, think about how a piece of air bubble can be so useful to you in ways you never ever thought of. Got your own clever uses for bubble wrap? Share with us!


Author: BoxMySpace

BoxMySpace is a network of technologically advanced and standardized warehousing and fulfilment centers. At BoxMySpace we provide end-to-end warehousing and logistics across Pan-India to our customers. Our strength lies in customer service, real-time update of inventory and operational excellence.

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