Book it, store it.

Right from a being a toddler, we have had our parents reading stories to us. As we grow older, we switch to the larger novels. But at any moment, for a book lover we tend to purge our books, seal them in boxes and store them away to either make space or keep them for the next generation.

So we have got you some clever tips and tricks to overcome the challenges faced when storing books, with great ease.

  1. Stack ‘em up.

Your valuable story books and novels stored either flat or stored upright so you can read the spine correctly. PLEASE do not store books with the binding or spine pointing upward direction, it will ruin the binding; loosen the pages and perish quickly.



  1. Building bookshelves.

Make use of a spare wall by building small square compartments and place your books, so that they are easily accessible to all. It acts like a small library within your room and you create a cozy corner to get lost in fiction and let your imagination run wild.



  1. On the desktop.

Another great way of organising your books is by placing it at your work desk. So the next time you need to look up something, all your important books can be accessible within an arm’s reach.



  1. Floor to ceiling.

For a voracious, can’t-let-go kind of reader, this is your best bet at book storage. This is like your shrine within a house or room. Make use of the floor-to-ceiling shelves system to provide storage for books and display space for collections. Also just remember, that your beloved treasure trove needs a bit of protection from the sunlight, so when you’re not reading, shut the blinds so the pages remain safe from turning brown.



  1. Hide and seek.

Yes, just like the game, you can store your books using a wall and a building a foldable table-top. This idea can be integrated within your kids’ room, which is an absolute game changer in terms of space. Also, it acts as a place where the kids can do their homework, and an educational/knowledge zone.



  1. Window display.

Books not only expand your knowledge but also, give you a fresh perspective. Why not practice what you read? By building small shelves near your window, you add an aesthetic layer to the room. Go ahead and try it out, you might soon start running a home library. Keep the tea and biscuits ready.

Alternatively, a storage facility too is a great place to store your precious authors.

It is important to properly prepare and pack the books so they stay in good condition. Below are some tips:

  • Pack books in small or medium size boxes
  • For rare or limited edition books you will want to take special care, wrap them up in bubble wrap, or non-acidic archival paper to protect the surface from dirt and other natural elements.
  • Avoid wrapping books in aluminum foil or plastic bags.
  • Do not stuff your books, you can wreck their spines and damage it.
  • Label the boxes noting the content.

Books are great to have, to enjoy and to read. If you’re still looking to store them away safely, there is always a need for a good book storage solution.


Author: BoxMySpace

BoxMySpace is a network of technologically advanced and standardized warehousing and fulfilment centers. At BoxMySpace we provide end-to-end warehousing and logistics across Pan-India to our customers. Our strength lies in customer service, real-time update of inventory and operational excellence.

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