There’s A Baby On Board


Living space these days is getting smaller and smaller by the day. Real estate agents will always egg you to go for a BIGGER and more SPACIOUS house when the stork is just around the corner. But contrary to the hullabaloo there are many ways to fit your toddler into a small space. It just takes some advance planning and innovation.

  1. Add flavour or a personality.

A couple of stuffed toys, designer pillows, and a splash of bright yet warm colours on the wall is a good start to creating a persona of the room. But better yet, you should hang a mobile (carousel) up on the ceiling.

Hanging mobile - childhood101
(Image source: Childhood101)

Small crib.

The first rule of designing a room is to cover the basic need for the person and their space. There are a number of cute, small and an easy to install cribs on the market. Sometimes parents…

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