Office Touch-Ups for Better Productivity

A cleaner office leads to better productivity. You must have heard this, a number of times. Well it is true. Also, disorganisation itself can be distracting. Imagine if a book on your desk, you don’t need at the moment is just lying there; you may unconsciously be tempted to browse through it and put off some of your important work for a while. But what if you could just keep it in a bookshelf or at the side away from your vision?

So before you hit the panic button, we have got some simple and easy tips and tricks that will help you organise your office space.

  1. Sort it out.

Look at your desk/cubicle, and you will see that things need not be where they are. Therefore the first step when adopting a clean and more organised work place is to SORT THINGS OUT. Don’t feel bad if it takes you a whole lot of time; getting organised is not a “one-hour clean up process”. Just breathe and follow the process.

  1. Getting an organization space.

Yes, I know it sounds a bit odd, but try it out. This means add an additional compartment to your office desk. Sometimes you cannot find an important document in the heap yonder. What if you could have two separate boxes that were labeled “important” & “trash”, wouldn’t it be easy then? Also take the time out every day to sort things out. Spend a good 20 minutes to go through the daily mails, files and documents.


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  1. Wall hooks

Consider installing a few wall hooks, the perfect time is now, why wait? Wall hooks come in handy for hanging your jackets, umbrellas, purses, and even coffee mugs, or a pen-holder. They offer a place to temporarily store items you’re looking for.

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4.  Organised filing system

When sorting out your important files, develop a filing system that is easy to remember. There is no right and wrong system. It could by project, by client or alphabetically. You could follow the same system on your laptop.

You could also keep the latest copy on top, so when someone needs it, it can be found without any hassle.


(Image source: Pixabay)

5.  Time management

This is the elephant in the room. How you manage your time is extremely vital in business. Being lax and pushing your project submission by a further hour will get you nowhere and you will end up frustrated. Breaking up large projects into smaller steps and scheduling time in the day for each can make short work of large assignments. This in turn will give you some “free time” to get yourself and your desk organised.


(Image source: Pexels)

  1. Find space for your feet

Space underneath your desk is very essential if you want to enjoy a comfortable and pain-free working environment. Sometimes you have huge files just dumped on the underside of your desk. Why not do away with all of it by filing it in the office cabinets. You will automatically free up valuable space.

  1. Brighten it up

Another major factor in workspace performance is a bright work station! Believe it or not, bright lights in the right tones will add to at least 10% more productivity. By adding a lamp to your desk, you become more focused on the work you do. With this tool, you are able to function with minimum effort when performing a particular task i.e. writing, reading or typing.


(Image source: Pexels)

8.  Create a work mode

Once you’re done for the day, and in a rush to avoid the traffic. Just spend 20 minutes looking at your to-do list for the day. See what tasks were completed and what needs to be done for the next day. We guarantee you will feel much more organised, fresh when you arrive the next day to even bigger business challenges.

So if you want to see a bigger profit margin sometimes, a simple and organised looking office space can reap big rewards in the long run.


Author: BoxMySpace

BoxMySpace is a network of technologically advanced and standardized warehousing and fulfilment centers. At BoxMySpace we provide end-to-end warehousing and logistics across Pan-India to our customers. Our strength lies in customer service, real-time update of inventory and operational excellence.

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