What Is Your Game Plan?

It is a real challenge when it comes to storing sports equipment because of its odd shape and size. If your sports equipment is not stored properly, you run the risk of it becoming damaged, or catch on to an odd smell. If you’re a sportsman or play a sport you know the ordeal that one goes through.

Ask your parents, if they have been hit on the shin by a hockey stick placed in a very dangerous way. Time we avoid those freakish accidents and store them away properly and safely.

We have got you some of the simplest ways to keep your equipment in the best possible shape.

  1. Gather stock.

Your first step in the organization drive is to gather all your sports equipment together, and take a look at what is being used versus things that have outgrown. Things that are absolutely not being used can be donated to a NGO who will make good use of it. Remember used sports equipment is in high demand because of the high prices to buy a new one.

(Image source: Pexels.com)

  1. Clean it.

A very important aspect of proper storage of equipment is cleanliness. Pick a dry cloth and give all your unused equipment or for that matter all your sports goods a good clean up. Keeping your equipment clean automatically doubles the shelf life of the same. Remember, you could one day be a superstar and it was all because you took care of your first sports equipment.

3.  Protection.

The most important thing is to ensure that the sports equipment is stored away in a safe fashion to prevent the people and yourself from freakish accidents. The solution is to stack them in one corner of the room or better yet, add a layer of cushion with a paper or thermocol foam which is easily available at any store.

sports-equipment-storage- nuvogarage

(Image source: Nouvgarage.com)

  1. Time to store them.

The process ends with this final step. Once you have separated, cleaned and provided with the right protection, it is now time for you to store it away. If you have a dedicated closet or room for sports, you could assign spaces within the room and place them there. You could also add hooks to hang your boots, or your head gear, add a cloth bag to store your footballs, basketballs, season cricket balls and so on.

Alternatively, these days with space being an issue in mega cities, people rent out small rooms to store their goods. At a small cost, you could keep your sports equipment and enjoy that extra space you craved for in your home.

If you need some more tips or assistance storing your sports equipment in an organised manner, contact us for a free consultation.


Author: BoxMySpace

BoxMySpace is a network of technologically advanced and standardized warehousing and fulfilment centers. At BoxMySpace we provide end-to-end warehousing and logistics across Pan-India to our customers. Our strength lies in customer service, real-time update of inventory and operational excellence.

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