There’s A Baby On Board

Living space these days is getting smaller and smaller by the day. Real estate agents will always egg you to go for a BIGGER and more SPACIOUS house when the stork is just around the corner. But contrary to the hullabaloo there are many ways to fit your toddler into a small space. It just takes some advance planning and innovation.

  1. Add flavour or a personality.

A couple of stuffed toys, designer pillows, and a splash of bright yet warm colours on the wall is a good start to creating a persona of the room. But better yet, you should hang a mobile (carousel) up on the ceiling.

Hanging mobile - childhood101
(Image source: Childhood101)

Small crib.

The first rule of designing a room is to cover the basic need for the person and their space. There are a number of cute, small and an easy to install cribs on the market. Sometimes parents attach the cribs to their beds too. It is another great example of space utilisation.

Stokke-Sleepi-Twin-Gray-Nursery - projectnursery
(Image source: ProjectNursery)

  1. Lay down a rug.

Babies need a lot of hours of rest when they are growing up (Also you are dying to get some alone time for yourself as a parent). Placing a rug in your baby’s room not only adds to the aesthetic value but absorbs sound in the room making it safe to tiptoe around while the baby catches its 40 winks.

Kids rug - furnicers
(Image source: Furnicers)

  1. Diaper storage.

Use a small corner of the room and set up a compartment for your baby’s diapers and towels at a height enough for you to reach and out of danger from your kid.

Diaper Storage - flickrdotcom
(Image source:

  1. Cushioning is a must.

Babies are inquisitive beings and full of energy. A top priority when planning the room for your toddler is to keep away from sharp edges by adding enough cushions. Cover electrical outlets, and store dangerous or breakable objects out of reach. Fix, lock up, or discard anything that might be a danger to babies.

Cushions - aliimg
(Image source: Aliimg)

  1. Functional decorations.

String a cotton rope between the plastic hooks to create a place where you can hang up the clothes on little hangers. The market has plenty of funky fabrics available.

Functional - pinterest
(Image source: Pinterest)

  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

A small mirror facing a window can bounce light around the room and make the space feel bigger and lighter. It also acts like an interactive play toy for your baby.

Mirrors - Lullabycasa
(Image source: Lullabycasa)

  1. Basket storage.

Baskets are a new parent’s best friend. They are pretty, portable, don’t have sharp edges and, best of all, easy to just toss things into. You can place all those toy blocks, stuffed toys and other tit-bits safely.

Stuffed toys - paperblog
(Image source: Paperblog)

  1. Cover a chair with fabric.

Babies love to snuggle in a place that looks inviting and comfortable. Re-cover a comfy yet basic chair in a colourful fabric you adore.

Fabric Chair - lullabycasa
(Image source: Lullabycasa)

  1. Creative wall decals.

Decorate your baby’s room with some wall art. These decals can be later boxed when your baby grows up, while you turn the room into a “big-kid” room. They’re especially great for defining space in a shared room.

Wall decal - alicdn
(Image source: Alicdn)

Finally when your blueprint becomes a reality, store away everything else safely in boxes and create more space for something new to be added.


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