Do I Really Need This?

Did you scream loudly in your head looking at the pile of junk in your house? Well it is time to “clean up and get tidy”. Firstly turn down the volume in your head, calm down and survey the room/house. I am sure you will want to dump at least 20 things if not more. So get down to it. Make a list. The best way to live life – is to let go (of things.)

Getting rid of your stuff can be difficult because you value them more than individuals. Why? Because you believe you’ll have a practical use for it one day. Unfortunately that one day never seems to arrive.

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You first need to sort out categorically between “what stays in” and “what goes out”. Once you’ve done that, things will then fall into place. To get the ball rolling, take a look at your overcrowded library at home. Yes, we all have our favourite books that echoes “emotions” in us so well or books that were given by our grandmother on the 21st birthday. Collect those books and donate them to charity, give others a chance to read them too.

Walk into your kitchen and take a look at the fridge. Yes that big cooler box that keeps food fresh, so you can have your midnight snack. Now don’t look in it, look at it. See those drawings or a “to- do” list that is three months old. Get rid of it all. Have your fridge magnets come to the fore. Clean and tidy is the way forward.

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Remember when scented jelly candles were a thing. It used to come in various sizes and shapes. Well, it’s been a long time since the house was filled with the lovely fragrance. These days I am sure it has gathered dust and insects. Throw them all out before they become hazardous.

If you have old clothes that have outgrown your body, donate them to a NGO.  You can save a lot of cupboard space.

And finally in todays’ world everything and possibly anything has been bitten by the digital bug. All your VHS tapes and photographs can now be stored on a thumb size drive. Nothing saves space like getting rid of ancient tapes or stacks of photographs. Switch off that sentimental button in you and go digital.

ikea-a-clean-way-to-display-or-tidy-away.__1364302535057-s4 - ikea(Source: Ikea)

But whatever said and done, the more you throw out, the faster the place will fill up. The hoarding mentality never diminishes. We must try to maintain this minimal kind of lifestyle. Maybe even try to do a weekly clean up drive and throw out the unnecessary stuff. There is nothing better than throwing out material goods. It is like cleaning of the past – mind and soul.

P.S. Yes, yes we do know how difficult it is to let go of things, so why not store away your goods at a secret and safe location. We assure you it will remain untouched!

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